During the days of struggle, this hero used to manage with just two pairs of kurta-pajama, people were surprised to see such a simple hero.

Sanjeev Kumar got a good start in his career…but his journey was very long and he used to walk from Chembur Railway Station to RK Studio, from Bhuleshwar to Famous Studio, from Mahalaxmi to Andheri Railway Station to meet directors and producers. . He never got tired… kept going… this was the reason why he achieved the position he wanted to reach in the industry. Today you see actors in different costumes. Even the strugglers pay so much attention to their style whereas Sanjeev Kumar used to wear kurta pajama. That too he had only two pairs of kurta pajama.

How did you manage with just two pairs of clothes?

The report claims that he used to wash clothes every day. Used to wear one pair one day…then washed it at night…next day came the next pair of kurta pajama. Usually you would not have seen the hero in such clothes but Sanjeev Kumar used to wear similar clothes.

How did you get your first film?

Filmalaya Production House was looking for a good actor for its film ‘Saat Hindustani’. The role was small but there was money to be paid in return, so when Ram Mukherjee’s assistant talked to Hari i.e. Sanjeev Kumar, he immediately agreed. For the role of Police Inspector, he was to get Rs 12 per shift. How could anyone let go of such an offer in those harsh days… So Sanjeev became a part of this film.

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