24 films will be released simultaneously in theaters this week, ‘Tantiram’ will create a stir

From Bollywood to South cinema, many great films are going to be released this week. The whole week will be full of entertainment. Many great comedy and thriller films will entertain you. Seeing some of these you will burst out laughing while some will make you scared. So let us know the list of comedy-thriller films going to be released this week.

There will be entertainment blast this week

This whole week great films are coming back to back. The name of the first film is ‘Love You Shankar’. After this, ‘The Great Indian Family’, ‘Sukhi’ and ‘The Purvanchal Files’ will be released. The trailers of all these are enough to tell how entertaining they will be.

South films will also entertain

6 Telugu films are ready to release this week. These include the names of ‘Cheater’, ‘Varevya’, ‘Jathagalu’, ‘Ashtadigbandhanam’, ‘Rudramkota’, ‘Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Sivakasi’ and ‘Nachinavadu’. Some of these films are eagerly awaited.

These films will be released in Tamil

Two Tamil films are also going to be released this week. The first film among these is ‘Demon’ and the second is ‘Are You OK’. Both are being said to be the most awaited films. The audience is going to get a lot from this.

5 Kannada films ready to release this week

Five Kannada films are ready to entertain the audience this week. These include ‘Digvijay’, ‘Parishoodam’, ‘Arariraro’, ‘Bun Tea’, and ‘Honeymoon in Bangkok’. There is going to be a tremendous dose of comedy and thriller in this.

‘Punch’ of entertainment in Malayalam

Five Malayalam films are also going to be released this week. These include ‘Chaveer’, ‘Vathil’, ‘La Tomatia’, ‘Tobi’ and ‘Oruvattam Kauri’. Meaning Malayalam cinema is going to give you a punch of entertainment this week.

Hollywood release this week

If you are fond of watching Hollywood movies, then this week an action-packed movie is ready to be released for you. ‘Expand4Bless’ is going to hit the screens this week. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this film for a long time.

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