Mother Funeral: Son Hindu, daughter Muslim … quarrel over mother’s last rites, read a story of Hyderabad like wound

Mother Funeral: An argument broke out between two families over the last rites of an elderly woman in Madannapet, Hyderabad. On behalf of the son and daughter, who believed in different religions, clashed with each other during the debate on Tuesday to assert their rights on the last rites. As soon as the news of the outbreak of tension came, the local police immediately swung into action and after several hours of struggle, a compromise was finally reached between the two sides.

This shocking case came to the fore in Darab Jung Colony of Madannapet. Where the son of a 95-year-old woman claimed to perform the last rites on the basis of Hindu religion on her death. At the same time, the woman’s daughter, who had converted to Islam nearly two decades ago, objected to this. The woman’s daughter claimed that her mother had also converted to Islam and it was her last wish that she be cremated according to Muslim tradition.

What was the daughter’s claim?

The woman’s daughter claimed that she has been serving her ailing mother for 12 years and that her mother had also converted to Islam. The daughter, who is about 60 years old, told that after converting to Islam, her mother had expressed her last wish for her last rites to be performed according to Muslim tradition. The daughter told that she had recently spent Rs 5 lakh on her mother’s surgery, at that time no one had come to help. 

Along with these claims, people of both the communities started gathering in the area of ​​Madannapet. Due to which the police had to deploy a large number of soldiers there. Giving information about the matter, the Deputy Police Commissioner denied the matter of tension. He said that it was a family dispute, which was easily resolved by the police. He told that according to the wish of the daughter, the last prayers for the woman were held at her house. After this, the dead body of the woman was given to her son for the last rites. An agreement was reached between the two.

Negotiations for settlement continued till late night

According to the report of the Indian Express, the police tried to reach an agreement between the two sides of the family till late night. According to the Madannapet police, the woman died on Tuesday (May 23) due to illness. One of the woman’s two sons has died, due to which she was living with her daughter. He told that according to the videos and documents presented by the daughter, the woman had converted to Islam in January this year. The police said that they have checked all the documents and the matter has been resolved by talking to the elders.

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