Most Polluted City: This city of Nepal won the list of most polluted cities of the world, know the condition of India

Most Polluted City: The list of the world’s most polluted cities has been released, in which Nepal’s capital Kathmandu has retained its top ten position. The special thing is that Kathmandu has not only retained its place but has also captured the top. It is being told that the main reason for pollution in Kathmandu is the fire in the forests of Nepal.

According to the Air Quality Measurement Station, the AQI of Kathmandu has crossed the level of 200. During this the air also became poisonous. During air quality monitoring, it was found that as the AQI continues to decline, so does the visibility level in Kathmandu. Let us tell you that the real time pollution of 101 cities of the world was measured. 

Kolkata and Delhi also in the list 

Kathmandu topped the list, while Chiang Mai in Thailand was second, Hanoi in Vietnam was third, Bangkok was fourth in Thailand and Dhaka was fifth in Bangladesh. Two cities of India have occupied the list of top ten polluted cities. Kolkata is at number 6 and Delhi at number 9 in the list. 

Environment Ministry expressed concern

Earlier last Thursday, Nepal’s Environment Ministry had said that the level of air pollution in the central and eastern parts of the country, including the Kathmandu Valley, has increased due to forest fires and burning of agricultural residues, which is extremely worrying. We need to pay attention to this. Within a week, Kathmandu topped the list of polluted cities in the world.

Environment Ministry itself has accepted this time that air pollution is at dangerous level in more than 140 places including Bara, Parsa, Chitwan of Nepal. Doctors have suggested wearing masks to avoid pollution. 

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