Monkey Export: Sri Lanka will send one lakh monkeys to China, know the reason behind this

Srilanka: One lakh monkeys will be sent from Sri Lanka to China, for which a plan is being made. This was disclosed by Sri Lankan Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera on Friday. He told during an interview that Sri Lanka is preparing to export one lakh monkeys to China. Significantly, Sri Lanka is recovering from the period of economic crisis. In such a situation, to bring the economy back on track, it is ready to export monkeys as well.   

Mahinda Amarweera told during a conversation with BBC that the matter is still under discussion. China itself has demanded one lakh monkeys. He further told that three rounds of talks have been completed with China regarding the demand of monkeys. The talks are in the final stages. Please tell that Tokay macaque is a local species of Sri Lanka. 

In a meeting with the officials on April 11, Sri Lanka’s Agriculture Minister has instructed the officials to complete the preparations for the monkeys to be exported. Along with this, we should pay special attention to the demand of China. However, so far no financial details have been made available in this regard. Officials of the National Zoological Museum and Wildlife Department also participated in the meeting held at the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday. 

Monkeys are damaging crops 

Exporting monkeys to China is a profitable deal for Sri Lanka. This is because Sri Lanka, which is going through an economic crisis, will get decent income in exchange for monkeys. Along with this, due to the reduction in the number of monkeys in the country, the damage to agriculture and crops will be reduced.

What will China do with one lakh monkeys 

Actually, China is trying to buy monkeys of the Tokay macaque species for its zoos. Sri Lanka currently has more than 3 million monkeys of this species. 

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