Modi Government 9 Years: Communal tension increased in the last 9 years? Know the opinion of common people

Modi Government 9 Years: Today i.e. on 26 May 2023, it has been 9 years since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power at the Center. On this day, 26 May 2014, PM Modi took over as the Prime Minister. In these 9 years, many protests were seen in the country. Apart from this, many social changes have also been seen in the country. 

Modi government took many steps during its 9 years tenure and now on completion of 9 years, C-Voter has conducted survey for ABP. Prime Minister in the survey Narendra Modi. The opinion of 2 thousand 118 people is included in the survey conducted across the country. In the survey, people were asked the question that do you think communal tension has increased in the last 9 years?

43 percent people believed that the country is communal…

People gave open answers to the question of communal tension. 43 percent of the people in the survey said that "There has been a lot of communal tension in the country, while 22 percent people believed that communal tension has increased to some extent in the country. Apart from this, 28 percent people believed that communal tension has not increased in the country at all. At the same time, 7 percent of the people in the survey say that they cannot say on this."

Congress asked 9 questions to Modi government

On one hand, after the completion of 9 years of Prime Minister Modi’s government, preparations are on for the celebration, and on the other hand, Congress has asked 9 questions on completion of 9 years of Modi government. The Congress has accused the Modi government of creating an atmosphere of fear in the country regarding social harmony. In a statement, the Congress said, "Why is social harmony such that divisive politics is being deliberately fueled for electoral gains and an atmosphere of fear is being created in the society?"

Congress has asked a question to the Modi government in another question that "Why is social justice such that the Prime Minister remains silent on the atrocities against women, Dalits, SC, ST, OBC and minorities? Why is he ignoring the demand for caste census?"

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