Microsoft: Soon Windows 11 will get ‘Gallery’ option like phone, then you will be able to do all this

Gallery Feature in Window 11: If you use Windows 11 on desktop or laptop, then soon you are going to get an amazing feature. Actually, Microsoft is working on a feature called ‘Gallery’ which you will find inside File Explorer. Just as you can see all the photos at one place inside the Photos app in the mobile phone, the same will happen after the introduction of the Gallery feature in Windows 11. At present, the company is testing this feature, after seeing its output, it will be rolled out on a mass level. 

You can organize the content inside the gallery folder. You can also create folders as well. The company is bringing this feature so that people’s work can be easier. Actually, till now the user has to go inside different folders to access the photos. All photos are currently not displayed in one place. To eliminate this problem, Microsoft is working on this feature. The good thing is that when you want to attach a photo on a power point, website or social media, you will be able to choose the gallery option and from here you will be able to upload the direct photo as you can choose other file locations.&nbsp ;

Tab option found in Notepad

For Windows 11 users, Microsoft has recently added the tab option in Notepad. If you use Windows 11, you can now work on multiple tabs simultaneously inside Notepad. Just like when you open the browser, you can open many tabs at once, now you will be able to do the same on Notepad. After the introduction of the tab feature, people have got a lot of help because till now they had to open two different notepad files for two different tasks. Although the company was about to bring this feature to Windows 10, but later the company stopped its work.

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