Microsoft Claim China Hacker: ‘Dragon’ fostered hackers infiltrating US military base, Microsoft disclosed

Microsoft Claim China Hacker: America’s largest tech company Microsoft Corp claimed on Wednesday (May 24) that it had detected a hacking activity sponsored by China. is exposed. He said the hacker group from China had tried to target critical infrastructure organizations in Guam and the US.

Sponsored Hacker Group from China
Volt Typhoon is a sponsored hacker group from China, active since mid-2021. They have targeted critical infrastructure organizations on Guam and elsewhere in the US. America has a major military presence in this area. Microsoft company says that China-backed hacker has targeted critical infrastructure in America. Microsoft said China notified and provided information to targeted or compromised customers. 

Why the giant is making the announcement now
A Microsoft spokeswoman would not say why the software giant is making the announcement now or whether it has recently opened operations in or adjacent to Guam. US military facilities have seen an increase in the targeting of critical infrastructure, including a major airport.

John Hultquist, principal analyst for Google’s Mandiant cyber security intelligence operation, called Microsoft’s announcement a potentially significant discovery.

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