Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Som Brings Gaura Back Home

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Som protects Gaura from goons and takes her home. Rahul informs Kanchan how Som fought with Twinkle and went outside, he is roaming on streets whole night. He says once Som leaves Twinkle, he will marry her. Rekha asks if he will marriage a second-hand girl. Rahul says she wanted him to marry Twinkle and now when she is married, she changed her mind. Kanchan says she is different. Rahul says he will marry only Twinkle wether she is already is married or is a widow.

Yamdooths find Rekha hiding behind a sofa and catch her red handed. Rekha asks if she really has to go with them or they can take something and compromise. Yamdooths say they can’t, handcuff her and fly towards sky when Som brings Gaura. Gaura’s sari pallu touches Rekha and she gets freed. Yamdooths run away from there. Som asks Gaura about her injury. Gaura says her internal injury is much severe than her external injury. Som asks her not to taunt him. Gaura sees Rekha and tells Som that he should return to Twinkle and not bother about her.

Twinkle thinks of ways to calm down Som. She does make up and thinks woman’s beauty didn’t spare biggest rishis. Som insists Gaura to stay back as he can’t protect her if she stays away from him. Gaura refuses. Som convinces with his reasoning and folded h ands. Gaura says she will pay rent of 720 rs including electricity bill. Som smiling agrees and takes to show her room. Gaura thanks her and requests him to never visit her room again. Som leaves. Rekha emerges there to find out what is Gaura up to. Gaura feels happy seeing her and their discussion continues.

Som returns to his room. Twinkle lures Som wearing a revealing nighty and dances around him sensually on a romantic song. She then apologizes him for being rude. Som also apologizes her and promises to take her to Switzerland after pooja ends. Twinkle gets intimate with him. Rahul finds Rekha’s jewelry near sofa. Rekha snatches bags from him. Rahul gets afraid and runs away.

Precap: A Maha pandit visits Ganga’s house.
Pandit senses a Rekha’s soul’s presence and asks her to come in front of him.

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