Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Gaura’s Unexpected Decision

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Som tells Gaura that she may be good in some aspect, but he will never accept as his wife and love her in his life. Gaura stands heartbroken. Ganga waits for Gaura to bring tea. Kanchan tells Ganga that she wants to bring a new member home. Ganga scolds her to look at her age before thinking of a baby and its time for her son’s marriage. Kanchan says she is talking about getting Rahul married to Twinkle. Ganga likes her idea and asks her to go and fix Rahul and Twinkle’s wedding immediately. Gaura walks in with tea and hears their conversation. She thinks Rekha wants Som to marry Twinkle. Rahul tells her that he is ready to sacrifice his life to save her marriage and marry Twinkle. Gaura thanks him for his kind thought and requests to take her along. Kanchan says that is a good idea and sys she can sing Lo Chali Main Apne Dewar Ki Baarat Leke song.

Twinkle gets ready with makeup. Her father asks where is she going. Twinkle says to her saajan’s house. Father warns her that she can’t marry an already married man. Kanchan with Rahul and Gaura reaches Tw inkle’s house and rings bell. Twinkle is shocked to see them. Kanchan asks if they can come in. Twinkle welcomes them. Gaura emerges in front of her next. Twinkle gets tensed and goes to inform her father. Father walks to Kanchan and starts chatting with her.

Twinkle hides in a cupboard fearing Gaura. Father walks to her and tries his best to get her out. Rekha informs Gaura that Twinkle is hiding in a cupboard out of fear, she should do something. Maid serves tea to them and panics seeing Gaura. She rushes to Twinkle and informs her that ghost woman Gaura has come and even she hides in a cupboard. Father calls bodyguard to protect Twinkle and convinces her to come out. Twinkle says she doesn’t want to marry ridgegourd faced Rahul. Father says she will not.

Kanchan proposes Rahul and Twinkle’s alliance. Gaura interferes and says she wants Twinkle to marry Som. Kanchan says she is disturbed and taking Som’s name instead of Rahul. Gaura says she is speaking right. Rekha feels happy and warns Kanchan not to make any drama. Twinkle thanks Gaura. Kanchan says Gaura is illiterate and doesn’t know the rule, Som can’t marry Twinkle until he is married to Gaura. Gaura says she has decided to divorce Som on his insistence and fix his alliance with Twinkle. Kanchan and Rahul try their best to stop Gaura, but fail. Twinkle thanks Gaura for returning Som to her.

Precap: Kanchan vents out her frustration on Rekha’s photo and informs Ganga that Gaura fixed Som’s marriage with Twinkle.
Gaura tells them that tricked her last time, this time she will take decisions on her own.

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