Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Gaura’s Unexpected Decision

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Som says he will leave his house if Gaura doesn’t divorce him and walks away. Rekha’s soul pleads him not to leave his own house. She starts crying loudly bringing earthquake. Kanchan and Rahul hold pillar. Gaura asks Rekha to stop crying. Rekha says she doesn’t care if the house razes down when her son has to leave his own house. She then rushes out to stop Som, but fails and hence enters Gaura’s body and requests Som not to leave his house. Kanchan and her team realizes that Rekha’s ghost has possessed Gaura’s body. Som warns Gaura to stop troubling him. Rekha requests not to go or else her soul will not get peace. Gaura warns her to stop acting as his mother. Rekha gets out of Gaura’s body. Som warns her to stop acting. Gaura asks if something happened. Som says he can’t stay with her anymore and heads towards door. Gaura blocks the door. Som returns crying.

Som escapes from Gaura and reaches temple. Gaura reaches him and refuses to let him go as she truly loves him. Som says he doesn’t love her though and one-sided love is not good. Gaura reminds his promise to protect and support her whole life during their wedding. Som says they are completely opposite and he suffocates with her presence, so he can’t stay with her at any cost. Gaura gets adamant. Som tries to leave, slips and hits head to a stone, and falls unconscious with forehead injury. Gaura rushes him on a cart to a hospital and gets him treated.

Back home, Som subconsciously pleads Twinkle to save him for ghost-possessed Gaura as he can’t live with her anymore. Gaura walks to him and finds him having high fever. He holds her hand and continues to plead. Rekha walks in and tells Gaura that she never let Som get even a scratch when she was alive, but Gaura got him severely injured. She asks Gaura to spare Som and let him live peacefully. Gaura ssays he realized that Som wants to live with Twinkle. Rekha aks her to keep her promise. Next morning, Som wakes up and seeing Gaura holding his hand warns her to stay away from him. He says no son will tolerate anyone insulting his mother, Gaura insulted his mother, and even if he forgives her, he can’t stay with her as he suffocates with her presence.

Precap: Gaura hears Kanchan discussing about visiting Twinkle’s house with Rahul’s alliance for her. She visits Twinkle;s house with Kanchan and Rahul.

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