Merge Heroes: Play fun game, know everything related to it

The idea of ​​pressing the mind by coming online and playing games in their free time is very good and many people like to come online and play games even in their busy time. If you are also a fan of such games then NDTV Games is the perfect place for you. By visiting this site, you can play many games ranging from car racing to fighting. on this site merge heroes There is one such fighting game. The gameplay of this game is very fun and its controls are very easy, so you will have a lot of fun playing this game.

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merge heroes

Merge Heroes is a game where you need to merge heroes to become more powerful and destroy enemies leading to your castle. There are many categories in this game like mage, assassin, archer and warrior. Each category again has sub-categories to choose from. Freeze your enemies once every 60 seconds. You will also get a meteorite every 1 minute 30 seconds.

how to play:

The game begins with one of your four heroes standing on the screen and enemies making their way towards your castle. You have to destroy them with meteors before they reach your castle and drain its energy. Upgrade Hero Spawner to get higher level heroes. Using the right hero will give you a damage bonus. Remember that enemies can attack at any time, so keep hitting them with meteors to reduce their HP.


If you are playing this game on desktop or laptop then you can use any click of the mouse. If you are playing on mobile then you can put your fingers to work.

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