Mere Sai 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update : Sonali decides to stay back in Shirdi

Mere Sai 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Godhabai on her way back to her hometown. She keeps thinking about Sonali and Prabhakar’s behaviour. Godhabai says Sonali I am sorry I couldn’t come to bless you but my blessings are with you.

Sonali and Prahlad take pheras. Sonali keeps waiting for her Nani. Panditji blesses them as a couple. Kulkarni says I have something for you on Prahlads birth I had promised to donate gold and cash equivalent to Sonali’s weight. Keshav says if the money gets donated in poor it is okay or else its just show off.
Kulkarni asks Sonali to come sit. Keshav asks Sonali is she okay with all this. Sonali thinks I wanted to see my Nani but I couldn’t so now I don’t care about anything and goes sit on the weigh balance.

Kulkarni asks Santa to start keeping bags on coin on the weigh balance. Kulkarni thinks this is just to show my wealth, who is going to check if I have donated the money. Santa puts all the bags but the weigh balance doesn’t move. Everyone surprised. Kulkarni says how is this possible. Prahlad sees Sai walk in and says Sai. Keshav greets Sai. Register Sir sees Sai and goes greet Sai and thanks Sai for all the help.

Sai walks to Kulkarni and says sorry to come without invitation but I have something for you. Sai shows him the coin Kulkarni gave him as bhiksha and tried to insult Sai.
Sai says to Kulkarni, you gave me this as Bhiksha and I don’t accept money so I thought I will return it to you when needed and also I don’t want any problems in Prahlads wedding. Kulkarni says what will this coin do. Keshav says this coin has Sai’s blessings and nothing can match this coin. Keshav asks Prahlad to keep the coin with the other coins. Prahlad keeps the coin and the weight shifts. Everyone surprised to see that.

Keshav says look this is what is Sai’s divine power. Sai could have not done anything and let you be insulted and look what Sai’s one coin did. Sai says I am not here to prove anything, Kulkarni is Shirdi’s head and his insult is Shirdi’s insult and has lot of blessings for Sonali and my coin wouldn’t be needed if Kulkarni hadn’t compared Sonali to money. Keshav and others cheer for Sai. Kulkarni gets angry and asks everyone to keep quiet.
Kulkarni asks Prahlad and Sonali to take elders blessings. Sonali and Prahlad take everyone’s blessings. Sonali keeps missing her Nani. Panditji says are all elders done. Sai says not yet. Sai looks behind and Godhabai walks towards the mandap. Godhabai gets confused and says what am I doing here. Sonali happily goes to Godhabai and hugs her. Kulkarni and Prabhakar get angry. Sonali and Prahlad take Godhabai’s blessings. Godhabai says to Sonali, you look just like your mother, I was going out of Shirdi but Sai and his miracles look I am here. Sonali says Prahlad was right, Sai will fulfill my wish. Sai asks Sonali you didn’t ask me for your gift. Sonali says you brought my Nani that is most special. Sai says I have something for Sonali and Godhabai.

Sai asks Sonali and Godhabai to look in the sky. Sonali sees her mother in the sky. Prahlad and others get confused as tyey don’t see anything. Prabhakar asks what is in the sky. Sonali says Maa. Sandhya from sky says Aai we will meet eachother but you have given up on your life and always sad I don’t like that..Godhabai says I will always be happy. Sandhya says to Sonali, your mother is always with you don’t be upset. Sonali says yes Maa.

Kulkarni says this Sai and his black magic and so I don’t believe in him. Sonali says Sai is God, Sonali and Prahlad take Sai’s blessings. Sonali says I have something to say.
Sonali says Papa I listened everything you said because I had just you but you took advantage of it but today in Sai I saw my mother. Prabhakar says what nonsense is this. Sonali says Maa is one who listens to her kids fulfills their wishes. Sai took care of me, gave me time and took away all my sorrows and staying with Sai is staying near Sai and so I have made a decision, if Prahlad doesn’t have a problem I don’t want to leave Shirdi.

Pre cap: Shirdi people see Sai walking in Paduka for first time and are confused.
A man visits Sai and saysy father said he has left something priceless near you for us. Sai says yes and gives Paduka. Thean gets upset ans says how will this Paduka be priceless.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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