Mere Sai 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update : Devdhar and Damini visit Shirdi

Mere Sai 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

British Officer says to Devdhar, that Government wants me to keep an eye on this kingdom and directly inform them about who you give birth to.
Devdhar says to Mantriji, I have to go meet Sai as soon as possible but how will I under British Government surveillance go to Shirdi. Mantriji says to Devdhar, if you want to go I will make the arrangements and no one will find anything. Devdhar says okay, make arrangements for today.

Devdhar and Damini leave for Shridi at night, Damini gets restless due to heat and says why do we need to hide, why do you need all this, I am promising you that I will give birth to boy. Devdhar says we need to do this and I have hope that with Sai’s blessings we will have a son. Devdhar is informed that Britishers checking.
Devdhar asks Mantriji to go other way, Mantriji says they will get suspicious, do a thing pray to Sai Baba and he will help us. Damini says this is nonsense lets go back. Devdhar prays to Sai and says I am coming to with great hopez please help me reach you without problems.

Kids playing at Dwarka Mai, Sai asks them to hand him their dolls. Sai puts the dolls in fire.
Inspector asks the cart driver who is inside and goes check, he sees no one inside but Mantriji sees Devdhar. Inspector says there is no one in cart let it go.
Damini and Devdhar confused. Mantriji says this is Sai’s blessings.
Sai gives kids their dolls back.

Sai at Dwarka Mai, watering plants. A kid slowly sneaks in hides and makes weird noises. Sai enacts and says who is this I am unable to see anyone. The kid hide behinds Sai, Sai plays along and says God knows who it is I am tired now. Deepu sneaks out and says Sai its me.
Deepu says to Sai, you always loose Sai. Malchapati with Yamuna walk in, Yamuna is pregnant.

Malchapati says Deepu rushed to see you and now is troubling you. Sai says he isn’t troubling me but playing and Yamuna when did you come. Malchapati says yesterday, she is 9 months pregnant. Rehana gets mattress. Yamuna asks who is this for. Sai says someone is coming to see me, and they aren’t used to sitting on ground.

Devdhar and Damini arrive in Shirdi. Damini says to Devdhar why did you allow Mantriji to go back, what if we need something. Devdhar says to her, Mantriji has to.take care of Singhpur take care of my daughters and Mohini and kingdom. Damini starts cribbing about clothes and all the difficulty. Devdhar says you just think about the baby and asks driver to go to market to buy gifts for Sai.

Devdhar and Damini arrive at Dwarka Mai. Rehana says looks like someone rich has come, they brought the cart all the way inside.
Devdhar and Damini get down and walk inside.

Devdhar greets Sai and says I have heard a lot about you and heres a gift for you and sorry it’s just a little gift I could give you gold. Malchapati says how come. Devdhar realises he shouldn’t say this and says if he could he would.
Sai accepts Gift and asks Malchapati to give it on Khandoba Mandir on behalf of Devdhar and Damini. Damini asks how do you know us. Sai says you two must be tired, I have got a mattress too, rest here.

Yamuna sees Damini is facing issue and goes help her and says I face this problem too. Rehana hands her hand fan and says this will help you. Damini thinks God I have to fan myself.

Sai asks Devdhar how can he help them. Devdhar gets awkward so everyone leaves. Devdhar says Sai I wanted to see you since years, I am a small business man. Sai asks what business. Devdhar says that is not important, we just need your blessings. Sai says but why would a King need a Fakhir’s help
Devdhar says you know everything, you are truly divine so you might know what issue I am facing and so I don’t know when I will be a father to son, bless me to have a son. Sai says Devdhar says when you came you got so many things you could bring just one thing. Devdhar says it was all pooja and Prasad. Sai says correct when we don’t differentiate in that, then why differentiate in what God gives us, for me Girls and Boys both are equal.

Pre cap: British officer asks to get Rani Damini.
Sai asks Devdhar and Damini not to go Shingpur now.
Devdhar says to Sai, you couldn’t help us atleast don’t lecture us

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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