Meet 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet try to get evidence against Shagun

Meet 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shagun in her room thinking about having alone time with Manmeet in foreign and thanks Meet for giving her such a gift. Shagun packing her luggage get’s a call from Meet. Meet outside standing outside her room says are done with with packing Shagun. Shagun get’s scared says Meet you? Meet says what happen are you scared after hearing my voice, sweating and shaking. Shagun whispers how does she know, Shagun says you tell why aren’t you coming forward. Meet says I want to advise you stop packing because I know your truth and I have evidence, soon I’ll come forward to tell everything. Shagun scared says you can’t reach my evidence ever. Meet disconnects call. Shagun get’s anxious. Meet says this means she is hiding evidence, I have to find out.

Jasodha calls everyone in common area. Jasodha says Sarkar has kept jagrata for Manmeet’s safety so everyone get ready. Shagun says sure that’s a great plan. Manmeet asks her why are you sweating a lot. Shagun says I was on terrace. Meenakshi says her eyes are yellow she should rest of she will get sick and suggest her to bed rest for whole night, she says to everyone don’t worry I’ll take care of her you all can leave. Shagun says I won’t stay I have to look after Manmeet.
Gunwanti asks Meenakshi to give Shagun water to drink. Sarkar asks Mahendra to tighten up security because of Meet. Shagun says no need to worry I’ll be with Manmeet all the time. Everyone leave except Meet and Jasodha.
Jasodha sats to Meet you have less time to prove yourself innocent infront of Sarkar and she walks away.

Mahendra, Sarkar and Narendra together. Sarkar says I asked Manmeet to leave but being a father I don’t want him to go foreign but Meet is on loose trying to harm my son, bring her to me any how till the time she is alive Manmeet life’s will be in danger. Mahendra says don’t worry we will bring her to you.

Everyone in Jagrata doing pooja. Panditji start singing. Manmeet remembers his time with Sarkar, Jasodha. Security looking after Meet.

Mahendra records a video of keeping Chanda as hostage and he asks everyone to circulate the video and ask him to tell everyone bounty is increased to 25 Lakhs now.

Meet pray to God and says help me to find out evidence against Shagun. Manmeet sit beside Meenakshi, give her something and says offer this to God. Meenakshi says why aren’t you doing pooja. Manmeet says I’m loosing my family because of Meet, she is taking my dreams away from me and Godess is just watching everything how can think she will listen to me, he walks out of Jagrata. Shagun follows him. Meet open the parcel and walks out.

Shagun says to Manmeet why are you worried we are not going forever. Meenakshi calls Manmeet for a minute to talk. He walk to her. Meenakshi says can I say something.
A girl walks to Shagun and says this parcel is for you. Shagun asks who gave you. She says a girl with small hair ask me to give you. Shagun takes the parcel and gets anxious she remembers her call with Meet and walks away.

Manmeet says why are you feeling shy, say whatever you want to say. Meenakshi sees Shagun walking away. Manmeet looks for Shagun. Meet thinks I have to divert him or else he will follow Shagun. Meenakshi says I Love You to Manmeet. Manmeet says what’s wrong with you. She aays earlier I use to hate you but now I love you, I cant stop myself for thinking about you, I gets happy after seeing you happy, I cry if you are sad.

Shagun away from everyone open the parcel and finds a wig inside with a note. Shagun get’s scared and note falls from her hand, she picks it up and walk away.

Manmeet says to Meenakshi are you out of your mind. Meenakshi says did you like my hindi was there any mistake, I like a giy and want to express my love to him but I’m not that good with Hindi that’s why I was rehearsing. Manmeet says yes your Hindi was correct but I thought. Meenakshi says you thought I proposed you this means I was right, I’m going to propose that guy tonight that’s why I called him to Shera Dhaba and will say I love you to him. Manmeet says good. Meet thinks I should follow Shagun.

Shagun out in market alone says Meet can tell truth about me only when she finds out all the evidence but I have kept thwm hidden. Sarkar walking asks Shagun where are you going. Shagun says no where and hides the wig. Sarkar asks what’s in your hand and takes the note from her hand. Sarkar reads the note and asks who gave it to you. Meenakshi see them together. Sarkar says is Meet coming. Shagun thinks thank god lines got erased because of water or else he would doubt me. Shagun says I was coming to tell you I found this note and Meet is coming to attack Manmeet. Sarkar calls everyone and warns them about Meet and everyone walks away.
Meet sees the not and says everything got turned around if Shagun will not go to evidence then how will I get the evidence and pray to God for help.

Shagun back to Jagrata sit beside Gunwanti. Meenakshi sit beside her. Shagun scared because of situation.

Sarkar asks Mahendra to look for Meet and kill her. Sarkar sit beside Manmeet.

Meet prays to God for help.

Meet start acting like she is been possessed by God and says to Shagun your hands are covered with blood infront of everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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