Meet 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar aaks Jasodha to keep and eye on Meenakshi

Meet 15th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarkar and Mahendra checking there accounts. Gunwanti walks to them and give tea. Jasodha says where is Meenakshi I want to thanks her. Meet walks in. Sarkar calls her and give her 50,000/- for saving his son’s life. Meenakshi says you valued your son’s life very less, I don’t like to take money but this helps a poor to survive and thanks him. Meet thinks I know you still don’t trust me that’s why it was necessary to take money. Jasodha give blessings to Meenakshi. Meet thinks now I have your blessings and it’s time to find the right owner of the ring. Meenakshi says I was just doing my duty and says I found the ring do you anything about this. Shagun walks to Meenakshi and says this ring is mine and takes from her. Meet thinks this means she attacked Manmeet. Jasodha says this ring looks like mine. Gunwanti also checks the ring and says this could be mine I also have same ring, Sapna says I also have same ring. Meenakshi says how can one ring have so many owners. Jasodha tells the story behind the ring. Meenakshi asks so who is the right owner. Jasodha says I don’t know the right owner but for time being I’ll keep with me. Meet walks away.

Meet with Chanda outside house. Meet says I found the ring in house and same ring the person was wearing who attacked me and Manmeet but I don’t know who is the owner. Chanda says but why are family member will attack. Meet says I don’t understand why someone will attack Manmeet everyone loves him and who is my look alike, I have keep an eye on everyone.

Sarkar with Jasodha in room. Sarkar taunts Jasodha for supporting Meet earlier. Jasodha asks the reason for saying such things. Sarkar says I want to test this Nurse I have doubt Meet might have send her talk to Meenakshi and try to find out.

Jasodha praying and says I can’t believe the fact that Meet attached Manmeet. Meenakshi sitting outside. Sarkar keeping eye on both of them. Jasodha says I can’t believe because I have seen truth in Meet’s eyes, please give me chance to meet her and it’s necessary for Meet to know so that I could help her to prove herself innocent. Meet listing everything and thinks ilthis means Jasodha know something about that night it’s necessary to meet her. Sarkar says to Jasodha if she is friends with her then Meet will surely try to meet Jasodha. Meet standing at door. Shagun walks to Jasodha and says everyone have there rings with them so that one which you have is mine. Jasodha says no worries and give her ring and ask her to handle with care. Manmeet walks them. Shagun ask him to make her wear the ring. Meet thinks this means Shagun attacked me and Manmeet. Manmeet asks Shagun her hand he holds her hand and asks when did you hurt yourself. Shagun remembers taking oath for attacking Manmeet and give him a fake reason. Manmeet asks her to take care of herself and scolds her and make her wear ring. Shagun ask him to come with her. Meet shouts one minute, she walks to Jasodha takes aarti thali from her and walks to Manmeet and he takes the blessings. Meet remembers marrying Manmeet and taking oath to protect him from everything. Shagun takes the blessings. Meet thinks I won’t let anyone hurt Manmeet. Meet walks away. Shagun says to Manmeet remember you proposed me today so let’s celebrate and go out. Meenakshi says no he is hurt and is not in condition to party and you are right today’s day is very special and ask her to do pooja in temple, keep fast for Manmeet’s long life and says your true face will come out. Shagun gets scared and says I’ll do anything for Manmeet. Meenakshi says to Manmeet you will come with me and they leave. Shagun says to herself I thought I’ll party with him and celebrate today’s day with Manmeet but this nurse has put me in different condition.

Meenakshi and Manmeet in room. Meenakshi says you will stay in this room I’ll go and get your medicines. Meet says to herself I’ll go and talk to Jasodha whenever she is free she might know something about Shagun.

Jasodha says to Sarkar she didn’t came to meet me. Sarkar says do not hurry she might come afterwards and tell me as soon as you get to know anything. Shagun hear everything. Sarkar says I won’t spare whoever try to hurt my son. Shagun say now Sarkar is also looking for me along with Meet, I have to think something or else I’ll loose him forever, I know what I havw to do.

Manmeet and Meenakshi together. Meenakshi feeding him dinner and says you have to eat it. Meet thinks I have to find out the reason for Shagun’s action. Manmeet asks her where are you lost. Meenakshi says I was thinking something and asks him does love means to have someone. Manmeet says according to me love means dedication, happiness and when you are in love with someone you always look after the other person. Meenakshi asks do you and Shagun have same love. Manmeet get’s happy and says yes we love eachother a lot. Meenakshi says if you get to know Shagun got close to you with cheating. Manmeet says that’s not possible she can’t do this and if she did it then it will be our last time together. Shagun walks in and says I’ll give him dinner and asks Meenakshi to look after Manmeet’s medicine and get it from market. Shagun takes thali from her hand and Meenakshi walks out of room.
Meet outside thinks is Shagun trying to do something with Manmeet.
Shagun lock the door.
Meet says what should I do now.

Shagun says to Manmeet we have never been together like this since long. Manmeet give her bracelet. Shagun says it’s beautiful. Meet outside watching them through window. Manmeet make her wear bracelet. Meet thinks Manmeet will be destroyed when he will get to know Shagun attacked him. Shagun handcuffs Manmeet and ask to remain silent, she tie his hands to bed and thinks now I’ll play my game ans you will hate Meet more. Shagun blindfolds him and says what are you doing here Meet stay away or else I’ll get hurt. Manmeet shouts what happen Shagun. Shagun start throwing things and says I’ll kill you Meet. Manmeet get’s anxious.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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