Meet 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet tells Meet about the incident.

Meet 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shagun slides diya under Manmeets bed and pray to god for his well being and walks out. Manmeet’s blanket catches fire because of diya.
Shagun walks to Meenakshi and asks her about the Manmeet’s medicine. Meenakshi says yes I gave him all the medicines and the dose are high so we will wake in morning only. Shagun says okay and walks away.

Manmeet’s room catches fire. Meenakshi pray to God so that Manmeet tells her about the day when he was stabbed, she burn her finger. Met says I have to apply turmeric on this.

Sapna shouts at Manmeet to wake up, she gets scared after seeing fire and calls everyone. Jasodha get’s scared after seeing fire and try to walk inside room. Sapna, Shagun and Sundari stops her for going inside. Everyone rush to get water. Shagun crying and throwing water. Everyone shouting. Meet see Manmeet is asleep and not waking up. Jasodha shouting someone please help. Meet walks inside room and try to put iff fire with blanket. Meet try to wake him up and says I think he is unable to wake-up because of medicine. Meet wear blanket brings table towards Manmeet’s bed. Meet sweating a lot because of fire. Meet picks Manmeet and put him on table, covers him with blanket. Sarkar outside room shouting Manmeet’s name. Meet brings Manmeet out of room. Meet looks at her face in mirror and realises her makeup is wiped out because of sweat suddenly electricity go. Meet thinks if have to look after my makeup if someone see me without that it will be a problem. Everyone busy with Manmeet.

Manmeet in Sarkar’s room. Shagun, Jasodha and Sarkar with him. Shagun asks him are you alright. Anuja walks to them and says doctor have asked to give Manmeet lot’s of water and give then coconut water. Manmeet says to Jasodha I’m alright and if you will cry then I’ll go suck again and the dose of medicine was so high that I was unable to react on anything I was able to see everything but couldn’t react, who saved me. Jasodha says nurse saved you, we were outside room but she went inside and didn’t thought about her life, she asks Anuja about Meenakshi so that she could thanks her. Shagun says why don’t you and Bapu Sarkar gift her something and finish with the matter. Sarkar says Shagun is right give her money no jeed to stand infront of her and he walks out.

Sarkar outside his room. Mahendra walks to him. Sarkar says this is true nurse saved our son’s life but why did she out her life in danger. Mahendra says she could have done this to get reward you people like them thinks about money.

Meet outside doing makeup. Meet see Manmeet is also out walking, she hurry up. Manmeet see a saree behind clothes he walks toward them. Meet busy doing her makeup, her wig falls down. Manmeet standing on other side of clothes says I’m Manmeet and I want to talk something, my family told me how you saved my life he thanks her for her deeds and says you are stranger and still saved my life and someone who is close try to kill me, I think she lit my room on fire to hurt me, before meeting her I had a call with her and it felt like she wanted things to get normal and have a fresh start, he slides the clothes and see Meenakshi in pallu. Manmeet asks I have never seen you in pallu. Meenakshi says I’m south indian and I believe in God so I always keep my head covered during evening after pooja. Meenakshi says to him you were saying something. Manmeet says I was standing close to her and I wanted to take her home back but then she stabbed me and I was numb for sometime I didn’t understand what is going one, I was just looking at her while I was on ground, I was thinking what’s wrong that she took such a big step, till now I’m still thinking about that situation and question myself why did she do it. Meet thinks how is that possible I was unconscious. Manmeet says I can’t trust till now that Meet stabbed me, I want to ask her why she did that. Shagun walking towards them. Meet see her coming towards them and stand infront of her wig to hide it. Shagun walks to them and says she us a cheater and she acted to be good. Manmeet says I hate myself that I try to look something good in her. Shagun says now forget this you need to take rest and she takes him inside.
Meet picks up her wig and finds a ring in pot, she grabs it and says I have seen this ring somewhere and remembers seeing it in the culprits hand and this ring looks like it belongs to a girl but who could be that person, is that person from family or an outsider.

Meenakshi says infront of everyone I found this ring. Shagun walks to her and says this ring is mine and takes from her. Meet thinks this mean Shagun is behind the attack.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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