Maryam Nawaz On Imran Khan: ‘Imran’s game over’, amid political ruckus in Pakistan, Maryam Nawaz said – Women are like pawns…

Maryam Nawaz On Imran Khan: Senior Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Maryam Nawaz (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Imran Khan) said on Friday (26 May) that the game was over after the departure of senior members of his party. In a fiery speech in Vehari while addressing the youth convention of PML-N  Maryam Nawaz made remarks against Imran Khan. 

During his address, he talked about the events of 9th May. PTI chief Imran was arrested on May 9, leading to violent protests across the country. Taking a jibe at PTI leaders leaving the party together, Maryam said those who left the party had questions.

 More than 70 left the party
PTI leaders leaving the party began after security forces raided civilian and civilian buildings, including the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi and the Lahore Corps Commander’s House (Jinnah House). After the attacks on military institutions, a crackdown was initiated against the party. More than 70 lawyers and party leaders have severed ties with PTI after the May 9 devastation.

Imran Khan the mastermind of terrorism 
Maryam Nawaz said that only your people are telling that Imran Khan is the mastermind of the incidents of May 9. PML-N’s senior vice-president said Khan was the mastermind of the May 9 terror attack but his workers are facing anti-terror court.

Imran Khan took his wife Bushra Bibi to court by covering her with sheets but he used other women as pawns. Khan and his wife were covered with white sheets as they arrived at the Lahore High Court on May 15 in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

He urged people not to spoil their children by following Imran Khan. Speaking on the occasion, the PML-N leader congratulated the people for getting rid of Khan.

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