Maitree 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Vadundhara executes her plan at the Resort

Maitree 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

When Maitree looks at Nandini’s reports, she discovers that they are typical. Maitree is unaware of how crucial it is for Vasundhara to look after Nandini. Maitree returns the paperwork and turns to face Vasundhara.

What is Maitree doing in Nandini’s chamber, queries Vasundhara? Vasundhara can ask Maitree the same thing, she tells her. Vasundhara is questioned by Maitree about any information she may have on Nandini’s care or reports. Vasundhara queries Maitree as to why. Vasundhara is reminded by Maitree that she would depart in a short while and that Maitree must take care of Nandini. In a similar fashion, Vasundhara responds to Maitree. Maitree decides to go since she believes Vasundhara won’t provide any useful information. Then Maitree departs.

Nandish plays cricket with Ashish and Nandini. After some time, Nandish grows bored and claims that if Maitree were around, she would prevent his boredom. Nandish’s attention is deflected by Ashish, who advises them to swim. Nandish concurs.
Sadhana offers Maitree some water, but Sachin snatches it and makes a remark about Maitree. Sadhana tells Maitree that Nandini’s return and care for Nandish are excellent things. Maitree is instructed by Sadhana to focus on her marriage. When the time is right, according to Maitree, Nandish will embrace Nandini as his mother.

Nandini is outraged when she realises that Nandish is merely playing with Ashish. Nandish is advised to race by Ashish. As the referee, Nandini is requested by Nandish. In the race against Ashish, Nandish prevails. He receives support from Nandini, who also invites him to join her in a race. Andish declines.
Vasundhara believes Maitree is becoming like Sherlock Holmes and Nandini leaves without listening to me. She makes the decision to discipline her. Vasundhara observes that the a/c isn’t working. She chooses to relocate to her home. The success of their idea makes the Tiwari family pleased. Vasundhara believes that I am being forced to go by these people and that I may do the same with Maitree as she packs her bags.

Nandish is urged by Ashish to behave differently. Nandish claims he needs to drink. He gets water from Nandini. Water is resisted by Nandish. Nandish hears Ashish tell him he messed up. They can take selfies, according to Nandini. Nandish says he will give Maitree a selfie he took with Ashish and ignores Nandini. Nandini challenges him, saying there is no need. Nandino is stubborn despite Ashish’s pleas for her to be less so, and she continues to argue with Nandish. Nandish drowns in chlorinated water during their argument. Nandish is rescued from the water by Nandini and Ashish.Nandish contacts Nandini’s fictitious mother and claims she purposefully injured him and that his eyes are burning. He is asked by Ashish not to refer to Nandini as a phoney mother. Nandish requests that Maitree be summoned to him so that she can take care of him. They can take care of him, according to Nandini. Ashish requests eye drops from the waitress.

To video call Maitree, Nandish requests Ashish. Ashish calls Maitree on video. Maitree answers the phone. Nandish sneezes. If he is okay, Maitree inquires. They are having a good time, according to Ashish. Nandish picks up the phone and calls Maitree to tell her that he drowned in water and that the chlorine in the water is hurting his eyes. Maitree is agitated. Ashish claims that the occurrence was routine. Ashish receives eyedrops from the server. Ashish promises to apply drops on his eyes. Nandish challenges it and invites Maitree. Maitree is instructed not to come by Nandini. As soon as Maitree notices the label on the drops, she informs Ashish that Nandish has an allergy to them and requests that he acquire the different drops for Nandish.

Vasundhara gives Raajkumar a call and requests that he carry out her plan at the resort. Upon seeing Nandini’s message, Sadhna and Sachin request Maitree to stay away from the resort. According to Maitree, Nandish loves me so much that it’s difficult to keep me from seeing him. Maitree receives a call from Rajkumar informing her that she must attend their wedding ceremony. Maitree consents to meet with him to talk about the event schedule. She promises to meet him in a well-known area. Considering Ashish’s family is now staying at a resort, Raj Kumar requests that she meet him there. To meet him, Maitree consents. She keeps her visit to the resort where Nandish is staying a secret from her mother. Vasundhara predicts the breakup of Maitree and Nandini’s friendship today.

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