Maitree 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree saves Nandish’s life

Maitree 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandish attends the same school as Ashish and Nandini. Nandish is asked to show Nandini his school by Nandini. Nandish queries Ashish as to whether she has ever visited a school. He is urged by Ashish not to treat elders in that manner. Nandish enters his teacher’s room after announcing that it is getting late. He travels with Nandini and Ashish. Ashish is questioned by Nandish’s teacher about Mrs. Tiwari’s absence. Both Ashish and Nandini display shock. She is Nandish’s mother, according to Nandish.If Maitree Tiwari isn’t his mother, Nandish’s teacher inquires. I never mentioned she was Nandish’s mother; Ashish claims she is Maitree Mishra, not Tiwari. The teacher demonstrates how Nandish identified his mother as Maitree Tiwari. She displays the paper to them. Nandini becomes irate and departs. Nandish is asked to remain, and Ashish follows Nandini. Vasundhara receives a note from Nandish’s teacher requesting that she resolve the conflict between her husband and his wife because her work is over.

Nandini is stopped by Ashish, who questions why she is making a commotion at school. Nandini claims that she is over everything. Nandish emerges. After arguing with Ashish, Nandini departs. Ashish moves in her rear. Nandish follows them in motion. Nandish is going to be hit by the truck, but Maitree intervenes quickly. Nandini and Ashish visit Nandish. Ashish observes that he is unharmed and instructs Nandish to keep the home accident a secret. Nandish concurs. Nandish is made to sit in the automobile by Maitree. She chastises Nandini and Ashish for failing to look after Nandish. Accusing Nandini, Ashish. They dispute after Nandini claims that he made a mistake. Maitree offers commentary. Nandini requests that she stop lecturing her and announces that she is departing for home to take Nandish.

Vasundhara wonders why Nandini didn’t go back home as the school teacher had left me a message a while ago. She requests Sona and Kusum to make her coffee as she enters the kitchen. Sona makes fun of her and tells her to make it on her own. Vasundhara promises to place an order.

As Nandish gets home, he contacts his grandparents. Kusum and Sona travel to Nandish. She queries why everyone seemed dejected. She questions Nandish about the dust on his clothing. Although Nandish claims to have been in an accident, Maitree saved me. Kusum chastises Nandini and Ashish for being irresponsible. Sorry Mom, but I can’t take any more lectures, says Nandini. She goes. Maitree goes after her. Nandish is taken by Sona and Kusum to get dressed.

Nandini is instructed by Maitree to put Nandish first in all circumstances. She is asked by Nandini to stop providing ger gyan and to specify what authority she has to do so. When Ashish arrives, he asserts Maitree has the right because she gave up her six years of life for Nandish. Apparently, Nandini is sick of hearing about Maitree’s accomplishments. Maitree is questioned about what she requires in return. How did she lose their friendship, Maitree wonders. Ashish queries Maitree as to whether she is blind to Nandini’s transformation. According to Ashish, Nandini changed drastically during her six years spent with Vasundhara. Nandini is urged by Ashish to put her ego aside and recognise the harm she is causing. Maitree is invited by Ashish, and they both depart after that.

Ashish queries Maitree as to whether she is considering what Nandini stated to her. When Maitree questions Ashish about why Nandini is upset, he responds that Nandini is going through a lot. The incident involving Sanjana Nandish’s teacher is described by Ashish.

As evidence that Sanjana was aware that she is not Nandish’s mother, Maitree reveals to Ashish that Sanjana was aware that Maitree is Nandish’s aunt and also provides Ashish with copies of Nandish’s school records. Ashish believes that in order to clear up Nandini’s misunderstanding, the truth about Sanjana must be discovered. Maitree is tasked by Ashish to learn more about Sanjana. Maitree concurs. Ashish departs after that. Maitree believes Sanjana’s deception is the result of a significant plot.

PreCap: Maitree tells Ashish that, the class teacher herself showed her Vasundhara’s message, and in these 6 years she only saw those pictures in Nandini’s phone, which means, Vasundhara is spying on them. We have to take Vasundhara out pf Nandini’s life, and she will give her whole life in that. Ashish grabs Maitree’s hands.

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