Main Hoon Aparajita 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Manish threatens to take over Akshay’

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Scene 1
Arjun thanks Niya and says don’t tell anyone about Disha and I, she doesn’t want her father to find out before she tells her mother. Niya says why didn’t she tell her mom yet? Arjun says we have decided that we will hold off till we become something and till Chhavi gets settled. Niya says really? I feel like if you love someone then you would want to announce it to the world, you would want to flaunt them and tell your parents first. Disha tells everything to her mother but didn’t tell about you? I would have said this to you for any girl. I just want you to think if she even cares about you really? is she even serious? I just want your happiness as a friend. Arjun looks on.

Chhavi goes in a corner and recalls Disha’s words, she says I should be happy for my sister, she cries but Disha comes there and hugs her. Chhavi says I am a bad person. Disha says what happened with you would have broken anyone but you are so strong. I know what you are going through and I promise I won’t tell Maa about Arjun and I till you get settled. Chhavi says don’t do that, tell Maa about your relationship. Disha says I need some time.

Mohini finds Akshay and her’s photos and says did Niya send these? she calls her out but turns around to find Aparajita standing there. She says I have caught you again. She calls Akshay and says I have found the culprit so come here. Mohini says how will you prove that I put photos there? Aparajita says how did you find out I was talking about the album? I didn’t mention it at all. I know you made Niya do all that. Mohini says how do you know that? Aparajita says Niya hurt her foot and it was bleeding, I found blood marks on the album which made me find out the truth. The flashback shows how Aparajita confronted Niya and asked if she went to her room and changed the photos in the album? she showed her the blood stains on her carpet. Niya says what are you saying? Aparajita says should I get it tested? your face is telling the truth, you should be ashamed of doing all this. What you did today shouldn’t be forgiven, you have hurt your father too. I promised to expose the culprit. Niya says he wouldn’t believe you, he loves me a lot. Aparajita says that’s why you should be ashamed when I expose you to him. I know you didn’t do it, I know Mlohini made you do all this right? just tell me. Niya looks away and says yes.. Maa asked me to do all that, Aparajita says you didn’t even think about hurting your father? Niya cries and says I told her that I can’t do it but she forced me. Aparajita says you shouldn’t follow her blindly, I won’t expose you to your father, I have taken you as a daughter so I will protect you like one but promise me that you won’t talk to Mohini till I expose her. Niya promised. The flashback ends. Mohini is surprised. Aparajita says Niya chose her father again, just lie and tell Akshay that you did all this. Akshay comes there and asks what’s going on? Aparajita says I promised to expose the culprit, she is the one. Akshay tells Mohini that you have stooped so low, why did you do this? Manish comes there and says I did all that. I am her brother and I couldn’t bear that you threw my sister out of the house for this cheap Aparajita? don’t forget that we made you rich, if we didn’t give you 20 crores loan then you wouldn’t be what you are today. Do you remember the papers? it says that you have to pay my loan and if you don’t then I can take over your house and sell it. Its time you pay my loan. I am giving you one month and then you will go to jail. Mohini says don’t do that, he is my husband, she tells Akshay that he can come and live with her. Akshay asks her to shut up and says you both are involved in all this. Manish asks him to lower his voice, just talk when he can pay his loan. He asks him to get lost. Aparajita glares at him. Akshay silently leaves. Manish asks her to get lost too. Aparajita says 20 crores but you don’t understand the power of a mother, I don’t know what I will do but I won’t let you take over that house. I won’t let Akshay be alone, I will take a stand with him and we will win as we are standing with truth. She leaves from there. Mohini tells Manish that when Akshay is on the road then he has to come back to me.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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