Main Hoon Aparajita 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay fixes Chhavi’s marriage

Main Hoon Aparajita 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharmatama tells Akshay that he wants to marry his son to Chhavi. Aparajita tries to talk but Akshay stops her and says I can’t believe you proposed this, I am feeling so happy to hear that. Parents just want their kids’ happiness and we are so thankful for this. Dharmatama says we want to hear from your daughter, we shouldn’t impose our hopes on our kids but I am sure she would respect her father’s decision right? Akshay says don’t worry, they all follow my orders in this house. Chhavi always likes what I choose for her. We accept this proposal. Dharmatama says that’s great, we will talk to the priest then. Aparajita stops him and says we shouldn’t hurry about marriage, I am not saying no for this proposal but we need sometime to think about it. Akshay stops her and says she is just worried about her daughters, she is a mother so thinking about being away from her. He asks Dharmatama to talk to the priest and arrange an engagement date. He takes them from there. Aparajita tries to go but Kalpana stops her and says we can’t lose this deal. I am happy that Chhavi will get married. Niya messages Mohini about Chhavi’s marriage proposal.

Disha tells Chhavi that you should have talked to papa, how could you say yes without knowing the guy. Asha says he is a graduate. Disha asks what does he do? she says he handles his father’s business. Disha asks Chhavi don’t you want to know the person who will want to marry? Aparajita comes there and says I thought we will discuss this together. She tells Chhavi that you should take this decision. She says I don’t want to take this decision anymore, I didn’t want to take Akshay’s happiness, if he thinks this family is nice then I trust him. Aparajita says its your life so you should take decision, this is a life decision so take your time and think about it. I am with you and I will talk to your papa, I will convince him about anything you decide. She leaves. Disha gets Arjun’s message that he is around.

Scene 2
Arjun is on the balcony and looks at his mother’s ring. He says I should propose Disha before her marriage gets fixed like Chhavi’s did. I have taken a decision. Niya comes there and asks whose ring is this? He says its my mother’s ring and she wanted me to give it to my life partner. Niya thinks he must be thinking to propose. She says you should give it to a girl you like. Arjun says maybe I am waiting to propose. Niya says you should propose. Arjun says why can’t girls propose? Niya thinks I will propose him soon then.

Aparajita is worried about Akshay’s words, how he took the decision without consulting her. Akshay comes there and says you are unhappy when I took a decision for Chhavi? this is the first time I took a decision for her so your ego can’t take it? they are good people that’s why I said yes. Aparajita says I just wanted to talk to you, I know they are good people but you should have asked Chhavi and I first. You also thought Veer was a good person. Akshay says you should be happy that Chhavi will settle in a good family. Aparajita says you should let her become independent first, she is looking for a job. We should trust her abilities first. Akshay says you say all this but you never trusted your relationships or your marriage that’s why you don’t allow Chhavi and I trust anyone else. Even if we don’t marry Chhavi here but then we will have to find another guy, he will be middle class and Chhavi will live frugally. Dharmatama is rich so I am thinking Chhavi will live a good life. Aparajita says I don’t doubt your intentions. Akshay says I still feel that you haven’t forgiven me. Chhavi comes there and says don’t argue, I don’t trust my decisions anymore after Veer so if papa wants me to marry there then I accept this proposal. Aparajita says you should have taken time but if you have decided then I can’t say anything. Akshay says why are you being negative? she ahs accepted it already. I want to meet Dharmatama before finalizing the proposal.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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