Mahi Srivastava’s song ‘Sanam Dusra Ke Deewana Bhail Baa’ released, after listening once you will remember lost love

As such, in the Bhojpuri cinema world, more than one sizzling songs are released everyday, which are played with great enthusiasm in weddings and parties. In the same industry, some such songs are also released, which touch the hearts of the audience as soon as they come. To whom people always like to sit in solitude and listen. When that song is sung by Bhojpuri industry’s very talented singer Kalpana Patwari, then the talk of that song will be something else. Yes, Kalpana Patwari’s heart touching very special and beautiful sad song ‘Sanam Dusra Ke Deewana Bhail Ba’ has been released from Worldwide Records Bhojpuri’s official YouTube channel.

Which is getting very special attention from the audience. The same song has been filmed on Bhojpuri industry’s talented actress Mahi Srivastava. Who has won the hearts of the audience with his expression in this song. The song has been shot on foreign soil. This has been shot at the beautiful location of Pattaya. Where Mahi is sometimes seen walking in the beach and sometimes in the garden in the memory of her beloved.

Mahi says in the song Hu Vaada Sabke Khayalba Ho…Rola se Aankhiya Lalba Ho…Hu Vaada Sabke Khayalba Ho…Rola Se Aankhiya Lalba Ho…Aapne Rahe Jai Begana Bhail Baa…Sanam Doosra Ke Deewana Bhail Baan… Naya Yaar Se Ab Yaarana Bhail Bas…Sanam Doosra Ke Deewana Bhail Ba…. Worldwide Records Bhojpuri Present Sad Song ‘Sanam Doosra Ke Deewana Bhail Ba’ sung by Singer Kalpana Patawari in her melodious voice Is. Its lyrics are written by Ashutish Tiwari. Its music is given by Chhotu Rawat. The producer of its songs is Ratnakar Kumar. It is directed by director Bhojpuria. The costume of the song is done by Badshah Khan, edited by Pankaj Sau and DI Rohit.

The stars of ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ are working day and night to promote the film.

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