Long fight for daughter… Today Reena Roy’s daughter looks so beautiful after growing up, photo went viral, people said – Hoor Pari

Pardes Jaake Pardesiya, Bhool Na Jana Piya – On the film screen, Reena Roy pleaded with her beloved not to forget her after going abroad. But in real life, she herself became a foreigner for the sake of her beloved. However, this step taken in love did not prove to be right and after just seven years, she was forced to break the marriage. This broken relationship had an effect on Reena Roy’s daughter. To adopt which Reena Roy fought a long battle. Now the same daughter has grown up and on many occasions looks more beautiful than her mother.

Reena Roy, who once ruled the film screen, suddenly disappeared from the scene. The news came that she has married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan. After this, there was no news of Reena Roy for a long time. Some time ago suddenly Reena Roy’s picture went viral. Haseena present with him attracted more attention than his picture. This beauty is none other than Reena Roy’s daughter Sanam Khan, whose laugh looked exactly like her mother’s. Some people found Sanam Khan more beautiful than Reena Roy.


Reena Roy has fought a long battle for this only daughter of hers. After separating from Mohsin Khan after a few years of marriage, Reena Roy did not get the custody of her daughter. While Reena Roy had a heartfelt desire that Sanam Khan stay with her only. It is said that Shatrughan Sinha, an old friend of Reena Roy, helped him a lot at that time. Because of which Reena Roy was able to get her daughter Sanam Khan.

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