Your bed is the cause of back pain, sleep like this to get rid of these diseases

In order to have good health, it is necessary that your lifestyle should be absolutely fit. Also, keeping your bed clean is also a part of your lifestyle. Sometimes bad bedding can also spoil your health. According to experts, on which side do you keep your head while sleeping and on which side do you sleep, it matters a lot.  It has a lot of effect on the body.  Due to wrong sleeping, gas in your stomach, heartburn, sour belching can make it difficult for you. If such a problem happens to you too, then you should use a thick pillow. 


Many health experts believe that when Even if you have heartburn and gas problem, you should sleep by raising the head of the bed. By doing this, the gas moves downwards and there is no acidity. With this you can cure the problem of heartburn. In such a situation, you should sleep by raising the pillow. With this, you will get rid of heartburn. 

Stomach pain

If there is pain in the stomach, then sleeping on the back is very beneficial. Is. Take care of one thing in this that the head should remain upwards. For this you can use a high pillow. By doing this, stomach pain can be reduced. This will give you a good fill. This will also remove the problem of bloating. 

Varicose Veins Problem

The problem of varicose veins can bother you a lot. In this disease, there is a lot of stress on the blood vessels, in such a situation, you should sleep with a pillow down. Sleeping with a pillow gives a lot of relief in blood circulation. There is a lot of relief in swelling. 

High BP

When there is a problem of high BP, the body becomes weak and loose. This causes great harm to your health. In this case, sleep with a pillow between the legs. Blood circulation remains fine and BP is low. 

Sciatica pain

Blood circulation starts drying up in the pain of sciatica. Pain starts in the bones of the spine. To get rid of this, sleep with a pillow between the legs. By doing this the pain starts reducing. 

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Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.

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