Why it is beneficial to wear clothes with loose and light shades during periods, know the reason behind this from health expert

Those 5 days of periods are painful for any girl or woman. In such a situation, you can adopt some such tricks which will make those 5 days comfortable for you. In those days of periods, one has to face problems like pain in the body, gas in the stomach, nausea, heavy bleeding. By the way, it is common to have such problems during periods, but if we believe in health, we can adopt some such tricks to get relief these days. According to health experts, try to wear light shades and loose-fitting clothes on those days of periods. But have you ever tried to know what could be the reason behind this? 

Why is it good to wear loose and light colored clothes during periods?

Periods are the time when there are many hormonal changes in the body of women. The body is completely hot and if you wear thick and dark color, then the body will become more hot and heavy bleeding starts. 

As well as stomach and body pain



Some women get chills during this time

Disease and fatigue

Some women get more and more rest feel like doing

If you wear loose clothes in such a way, your mind will remain calm as well as there will be lack of pain in the body. 

Light in periods and Benefits of loose-fitting clothes

Wearing loose-fitting clothes relaxes the muscles 

Keeps the mind and mind calm

Mood swings will be less

Will feel good

Body temperature will remain under control.

What say health experts

< p>According to health experts, if you wear tight and dark colored clothes during periods, then your body starts heating up. And heavy bleeding starts. The temperature of the body increases. In this case, try to wear light and loose clothes. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, take the advice of a doctor or related expert. .

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