Why is the child forbidden to drink tea? What is the reason behind this…

Who does not like to drink tea? Especially in India, elders drink a lot of tea, but the question arises whether it is right for children to drink tea? Usually, the kind of tea that is consumed in Indian homes, contains a lot of caffeine and sugar. Which is not good for children or elders in any way. Today, through this article, we will tell you why children are prohibited from drinking tea. Also why tea is not considered good for children. What is the right age to drink tea? 

The amount of caffeine children of this age should consume

The caffeine and sugar found in tea The quantity can have a bad effect on the health, oral health and their brain of the children. That’s why children are often forbidden to drink tea. Now the question arises that from when children can drink tea? Although there is no such special research that the child should be given tea at this age. But any parent should know how much caffeine is right for children.

According to the ‘American Academy of Pediatrics’, children and adolescents should avoid caffeine-rich drinks i.e. tea, coffee or any kind of drink. Should be careful before drinking.  Adolescents aged 12 to 18 can have up to 100 mg of caffeine (about one or two cups of tea) a day. But it is better if children below 12 years of age do not drink it. 

Are there any benefits of tea for children?

Sometimes- Sometimes tea can also be beneficial for your children, such as body pain and stomach pain can be relieved. A child can get relief from a cough or cold by drinking tea. 

Is it safe for children to drink tea?

Caffeinated tea for children unsafe for. So instead of this, give herbal tea to the child. Tea is believed to have many health benefits. However, tea is not good for children from anywhere. That’s why instead of the tea we make, we should inculcate the habit of herbal tea for children. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, consult a doctor. Or take the advice of the concerned expert.

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