Travel Guide: From Jaisalmer to the mountains, people prefer night stay in tents, know the types and prices of tents

How To Choose Tent For Camping: From the sandy plains of Jaisalmer to the high and cool mountains of Ooty, you can enjoy camping wherever you go. These days, the number of people who go to any particular destination and enjoy staying in tents has increased. The advantage of this type of camping is that you can spend time at any favorite spot of that destination. That too amidst the beautiful views of nature. Anyway, now so many good camps have started coming up in which there is a lot of partition. And they also remain safe from insects. One of its advantages is that you  Once you buy your favorite tent, you are saved from repeated hotel expenses. So let us tell you how many varieties of tents are available for camping and how much can be bought.

Basic Tent

These are basic types of tents which look like a dome from above. Even at a low cost, these tents are available with polyester walls which are waterproof. There is an opening in the front and a wind opening in the back. Four people can live in one tent if a large size camp is taken. Its online price starts from Rs.2370.

Bag Packing Camp

These types of camps are suitable for those people who can carry their place of stay with them. Obviously from its name these tents come in a back pack which can be carried on the back. Although they are a bit heavy. Their cost is three and a half thousand rupees. starts with.

Cabin Tent

These tents are supported on aluminum poles. According to your need, you can take tents of two to four cabins. In which the whole family can stay. The cost of the tent depends on the number of cabins.

Tent on Wheels

These tents are for those who like more adventure. Those who like to enjoy all kinds of high and low places in their strong vehicles. And when needed, they open the tent in the car and take rest. The price of these tents also varies according to vehicles and quality.

Tent Resort

It is a luxurious way to visit any place and is being liked these days. These are the destinations where you don’t have room to stay  Tent is available. But this is a luxury tent in which double bed, toilet and other facilities are also available. According to the facilities you choose, their cost is five thousand rupees. Per day to 75 thousand curtains or more.
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