This vegetable found in monsoon can eliminate many diseases, know its amazing benefits

Benefits Of Kantola Vegetable : Monsoon season can be a very challenging time for diseases. Due to the changing weather, many diseases occur in monsoon. In such a situation, many special vegetables are found in this season, which protects you from these diseases. In such a situation, a nutritious vegetable called Kantola found in the monsoon season is easily available and it is very beneficial for your health. Biological name of Kantola "Momordica dioica" is, and this vegetable is also called by different names, such as khekhsa (kakoda), spiny gourd, spine gourd and teasle gourd, 

Consuming Kantola can help you Health benefits in many ways. This vegetable helps in controlling blood pressure, thereby improving your heart health. Along with this, Kantola is also helpful in preventing infections, because different types of nutritious elements are found in it. Let’s see here more benefits of Kantola…

Source of nutrition
Kantola contains fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and other nutritious elements, which help improve your health and help maintain physical health.  It should be used by diabetic patients in their diet.

Blood purifier
Gudi blood sugar present in Kantola helps in beautifying the blood cleansing process of your body And destroys bodily bacteria, so that infection can be avoided. Kantola has a high water content so it helps in keeping the body hydrated.

Improve digestion
Kantola can help in improving digestion, Because it has many digestive and digestive properties, which can make eating easier. It is high in fiber which helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.

Weight Control
Kantola contains very few calories, so it is good for weight control. It can also be beneficial for Contola is rich in fiber, which helps you digest food and keeps you full for longer. 

High potassium
This vegetable is a high potassium source, which is important for body balance and physical health. Kantola is a particularly high source of potassium, which is important for your physical health. Potassium is a mineral that helps maintain body balance and is important for many bodily processes. 



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