This star of ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ is suffering from this deadly disease, the problem increased due to wrong treatment

Atul Parchure : Popular TV and Bollywood actor Atul Parchure is battling cancer. He himself told this shocking news in a recent interview. He told that when he came to know about the initial symptoms of cancer, he went to a doctor for advice, but first the doctors misdiagnosed his illness and due to this his health started deteriorating. Let’s know the health report of Atur Parchure and how his cancer became more serious due to wrong treatment…
When was I diagnosed with cancer
Atul Parchure told, ‘He was absolutely fine on completion of 25 years of marriage, went to visit Australia and New Zealand with the family. After a few days, I was having trouble eating anything, I was feeling nauseous. It seemed that there was some disturbance. My brother gave some medicines but it did not help. After this the doctors got ultrasonography done. I understood that something is wrong. Doctors told that there is a tumor of about 5 cm in my liver, which is cancer. I asked whether I will be fine or not, he said you will be absolutely fine.’
Mistaken illness and poor health
Atul told that, ‘Treatment started but it started having the opposite effect. Due to catching the wrong disease, the health kept deteriorating. Not being able to catch the right disease in the first instance had a wrong effect on my pancreas. Due to wrong treatment, my condition kept on deteriorating. I could not even walk and staggered while talking. Then the doctor asked me to wait for a month and a half and told that there would be a risk of jaundice and water filling in the liver due to surgery, which can also lead to death. After that I changed the doctor and got the right treatment.’
How is the condition of Atul Parchure now
Atul told that, despite being a part of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for years, he could not work with the team due to his health. I was selected for the role of Sumona’s father, however could not perform in those episodes due to cancer. I will know soon whether I am completely fine or not. Please tell that Atul Parchure has appeared in many films and TV shows. He is famous for his comedy. Has made everyone laugh in films like ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’, ‘Partner’, ‘All the Best: Fun Begins’, ‘Khatta Meetha’, ‘Buddha Hoga Tera Baap’ and ‘Brave Heart’.
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