This small thing can increase the problem of deafness, up to 16% of the youth come in its grip

Health Tips: In earlier times, the problem of deafness used to be faced by older people, but in today’s era, the problem of hearing loss or deafness is increasing rapidly in youth and one of its The reason is headphones. Yes, if you use headphones to listen to music, attend meetings or talk to someone on the phone, then you must read this news once, because the loud sound and vibration of the headphones can affect your eardrums. Can damage the ear and can cause ear pain as well as deafness.
Loud noise damages the ears
The inner part of our ear is very sensitive. There are thousands of cells inside the ear and some of them are thinner than a hair. These cells send sound through the ears to the brain, but when there is a loud sound, there is more pressure on these cells and their work is disrupted. Especially using more headphones or earbuds causes the most damage to the ears, because this loud sound goes directly to your ears and affects the ear cells.
The sound of headphones can burst eardrums 
According to a research, listening to sound more than 85 decibels for 2 hours or more can cause serious damage to the ears, while listening to sound up to 105 to 110 decibel level can cause damage to the ears even in 5 minutes. Not only this, if you use headphones at high volume for a long time and listen to songs or talk in it, then there is also a risk of eardrum rupture and loss of cells.
How much should the headphone volume be
According to experts, the sound level of your headphones or earbuds should be between 60 to 70 decibels. Not only this, you should never use headphones continuously. For the supply of air and oxygen in the ear, you should keep removing the headphones from time to time, so that there is no risk of infection. Keep cleaning the rubber set inside the ear phone from time to time or keep changing it.
Take care of these things as well 
Not only by wearing headphones, but if you are going to an event where there is a lot of loud sound, then try to put some cotton in the ear. Special care should also be taken to clean the ears. However, you should never clean the ear with an ear bud or any sharp object, rather it should be cleaned by an expert. If there is a problem like pain, tingling or ringing in the ears, a doctor should be consulted immediately.
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