This pasta is a 700 year old Italian dish, know how to make it at home

Cheese Sauce Pasta Recipe: Initially people thought that pasta was the gift of Italy, but gradually it came to light that earlier also things like pasta were made in many parts of the world. For example, noodles were made in ancient China. Marco Polo brought noodles from China to Italy in the 13th century. Then the Italians created many new pastas. Today more than 300 types of pasta are available there. In this way, the story of pasta is quite old. It first started in China, then reached Italy, and then spread across the world. Cheese pasta is a wonderful and delicious Italian pasta dish. Let us know how to make it easily at home..

200 grams pasta (penne, fusilli, or other pasta of your choice)
2 cups cheese, chopped or grated
1/2 cups Milk
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour 
1 tsp red chilli powder (can be increased as per your choice)
1 tsp mustard sauce (optional)
Salt and black pepper as per taste
Water (to boil the pasta)

Know the recipe 

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  • Cook the pasta: Bring a large pan of water to a boil, add some salt, and add the pasta to boil. Cook the pasta thoroughly, but not too soft.
  • Prepare the cheese sauce: Heat the butter in a separate pan. Add flour to it and cover it well and mix. Then add milk and mix well, so that no lumps are formed.
  • Add cheese: Now add chopped cheese, red chili powder, mustard sauce (optional), salt, and black pepper. Mix well and let the cheese melt.
  • Add the sauce to the pasta: Now drain the pasta and add it to the prepared sauce. Mix gently and cover the pasta well with cheese sauce.
  • Ready: Your cheese pasta is ready! Serve hot and enjoy the delicious taste.
  • You can use more spices as per your taste and can also make it healthy by adding vegetables. 
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