These things in food can increase restlessness and nervousness, be careful

Health Tips : Restlessness and nervousness can increase due to busy lifestyle and poor eating habits. There could be many other reasons for this also. Many foods are also included in these reasons. Therefore, to maintain good health, special care should be taken about eating habits. Let us know about such things which can increase restlessness and nervousness.
Sweet thing
If you are fond of eating candy, pastries or refined sugar, then be careful, because consumption of these things increases the blood sugar level in the body. Due to this, sadness, restlessness and nervousness can occur. Therefore one should avoid eating such sweet things.
Spicy Food
Too spicy food can have a bad effect on the mood. Consuming it can spoil the mood. Due to this, problems like restlessness and nervousness can occur. Therefore, one should avoid eating too many spicy foods.
If you eat too much salt. If you have a habit of taking extra salt in your food, then it can increase the problem of anxiety. Therefore, stop consuming too much salt and use only appropriate amount of salt in food. 
Caffeine Foods
Be careful if you consume foods containing caffeine. Excessive consumption of tea, coffee or soda drinks can increase nervousness in the body. Therefore, things containing caffeine should be used only in appropriate quantity.
If someone consumes too much alcohol, it can lead to sleep disturbance and many other problems. In which anxiety is the main one. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause restlessness and nervousness.
Processed carbs, fried foods, fast food
If you consume too much of fried things like samosas, kachoris or eat too much of things like white bread or sugar, then improve your habit immediately, because it can increase anxiety and cause restlessness. Along with this, fast foods should also be avoided. Because many types of preservatives are found in them which can increase the problem.
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