These symptoms seen in children are the identification of this problem, be careful as soon as you see it, just do these things

Child Care Tips : Children often run away from nutritious things and eat more outside things. Due to which they suffer more from constipation. For this reason, the stomach of most small children is not clean. Due to food sticking in their intestines, their stomach starts bloating. In such cases, they suffer from constipation. In fact, when children drink less water and eat more fried foods, flour or junk food does not get digested quickly in the stomach and gets accumulated inside as dirt. This causes difficulty in passing stool. This affects the health and daily routine of children. In such a situation, let us know the treatment of constipation problem in children…
Identifying the problem of constipation in children
stomach ache
Staying tight
Gas or acidity in the stomach
Not passing stool
pain in legs
Remedies to cure constipation in children
1. Give children a banana mixed with lukewarm milk every day. This will keep their stomach clean. 
2. Adding turmeric or honey to milk and feeding it to children also keeps their stomach clean.
3. Be sure to feed salad or fruits to children in the morning or afternoon lunch.
4.  Give children things like oats, millet rotis, soup, isabgol etc.
5. You can give soaked figs or almonds mixed with milk or just like that to children in the morning. 
6. Giving Triphala powder in water to children at night also keeps the stomach clean.
Keep these things in mind
1. Exercise helps in digestion. Therefore, make children do physical activity or exercise for at least 39 minutes every day.
2. Keep children away from milk or dairy products and do not allow them to eat things made from flour or outside items.
3. Do not give too much fat to children.
4. If the problem of constipation persists in children for a long time, take them to the doctor.
Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.
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