Surya Dev Arghya: Don’t take tension if you are not able to see Sun God due to rain, give Arghya like this, you will get full benefits

Surya Dev Arghya in Rainy Day: In Hinduism, there is importance of offering water to Sun God regularly in the morning. From scriptures to astrology, the importance and benefits of offering water to the Sun God have been explained. Especially there is a ritual of offering water to the Sun God in the morning.

Importance of offering water to Sun God

Surya Narayan is the king of the nine planets. In Hinduism, Surya Dev is considered such a deity, who gives visible visions even in Kalyug. It is said that a person gets many benefits just by seeing the sun every morning. On the other hand, by offering water to the sun at the time of sunrise, happiness and prosperity prevails, respect and fame are attained, planetary defects are removed and the person lives a healthy life.

How to offer Arghya to the Sun in the rainy season

The problem arises when the Sun God cannot be seen in rain and dark clouds. In such a situation, many people remain confused as to how to offer Arghya when there is no darshan of the Sun God and whether offering Arghya without seeing the Sun God will be beneficial or not. Let us tell you how even in this rainy season, you can get good results by offering Arghya to the Sun God.   

This is how to offer water to Sun God in the rain

  • According to astrology, the power of the sun does not decrease even if it is raining or cloudy. In such a situation, you should meditate on the sun by facing east even in the rain and after that offer water according to the method.
  • It is said that after sunrise, the sun’s rays remain in the sky even after the sky is overcast. That’s why offering water during this period gives full benefits even if the Sun God is not visible.
  • When the Sun God cannot be seen due to clouds and rains, then you should face the east direction and offer Arghya with a copper pot with devotion and then see the idol or picture of the Sun God.

Keep these things in mind

  • Always use a copper vessel to offer water to the Sun God.
  • While offering Arghya, chant Surya Mantra, Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah, Om Adityaya Namah:, Om Bhaskaray Namah: etc.
  • Before offering Arghya to the Sun God, fill copper pots with water and put roli, red flowers and Akshat in it.
  • Kundali If the position of the planet Sun is weak, then offer water to the Sun God every day.
  • While offering Arghya to the Sun God, always keep your face towards the east.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is important to mention here that does not represent, confirm or endorse any information. Please seek expert advice before acting on any information or assumptions. 

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