Soak green moong overnight, then wake up and eat it… you too will start knowing the benefits from today.

As you know, protein is very beneficial for the body. From doctors to health experts, it is said that a person must include protein in his diet. As we know, cheese, egg, and chicken contain a lot of protein. How beneficial are these proteins for our health? But there are many people who are unable to eat chicken, cheese and eggs for protein. We have these tips for those people.

Today we will tell you something which is not only a very good source of protein but is also very beneficial for health. Today we will talk about green moong. Moong, which looks like a small seed, is very beneficial for health. You will never be able to guess it by listening or reading, rather you will have to see it by eating it daily. 

You must have heard from health experts that moong should always be eaten after soaking it. Because it has miraculous benefits. 

It is best for health

Green moong is very beneficial for health. It has many benefits which are very important to know. 

Keeps metabolism at its best

Green Moong is best for increasing metabolism. After eating this one feels full. Because of which you will be saved from over eating. Green moong is rich in potassium and iron. Besides, it also keeps blood pressure under control.  Prevents muscle cramps.

Green moong dal is rich in nutrients like minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and copper. Apart from this, it contains folate, fiber and vitamin B6. 

It contains abundant amount of fiber which keeps cholesterol level under control. It has low glycemic index which works to keep the body’s insulin, blood glucose and fat under control. 

Eating green moong dal daily helps in producing red blood cells and keeps the body strong from inside.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article. Be sure to consult a doctor or related expert.

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