Sitting for a long time can cause many serious diseases in the body, know why it is necessary to walk in between?

‘Physical activity’ is very important to keep yourself safe from diseases, even if you just make a habit of walking throughout the day. Sitting for hours at one place can cause many serious diseases in your body. Instead of sitting for many hours, doing small physical activities in a short while proves beneficial for health. Nowadays most of the office work is confined to laptop and computer only. This is the reason why people keep sitting in the same position continuously for hours.

You should know that by sitting in the same position for hours, you can embrace many serious diseases later on. Let us know how sitting for long hours and not doing physical activity can affect your health.

1. Decreased Life Span: Sitting for too long can cause you to face many health problems, such as heart attack, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure etc. Physical health also has an effect on mental health. People are also at a higher risk of developing mental health problems like tension and depression.

2. Weight gain: According to the report of Healthline, when we sit continuously throughout the day, molecules like lipoprotein lipase are not released as much, due to which there is a risk of weight gain. You can even become a victim of obesity.

3. Fatigue throughout the day: When you sit for a long time, you feel more tired. Sitting in the same position continuously for 7 to 8 hours causes fatigue, which affects the rest of your work.

4. Posture Imbalance: When we sit in the same position for a long time, sometimes we bend down and sometimes we sit straight. Due to this, the problem of posture imbalance can arise, which means that your posture can deteriorate. Due to this, pain is also experienced in different parts of the body. It also creates pressure on the spinal cord. 

5. Back and neck pain: Sitting for a long time can cause pain in your waist, back and neck. When we sit for a long time, there is more pressure on our lower back and nerves etc. Apart from this, spending too much time with the screen also leads to stiffness in the neck.

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