Silent Walking is a treasure of health, know its benefits

Silent Walking: To keep health healthy, it is advised to walk in the morning and evening. Since childhood, we have been hearing that walking is very beneficial for the body. Many people go out for morning or evening walk. Nowadays silent walking is also in trend. It is being discussed a lot on social media. It is said to be good for keeping oneself fit and staying away from diseases. So let’s know what is silent walking and what are its benefits…
What is silent walking
Silent walking means staying away from any kind of artificial sound while walking. Tik Tok Influencer Medi Mao has shared a video of half an hour of walking. This video quickly went viral and became a trend. Silent walking usually involves walking for 30 minutes. You have to walk alone in this. During this, one has to walk in a quiet place, away from any kind of movement, that is, the place that distracts attention. One has to remain absolutely calm while walking.
Benefits of Silent Walking
Stress Holiday
A study published in The National Library of Medicine states that silent walking is very beneficial for mental health. Just walking for a few minutes in nature can reduce stress. By doing this daily, there is improvement in the neural process that increases mental diseases. This reduces problems related to stress and mental health.
Mantra to be yourself
According to researchers, you can keep yourself happy by silent walking. Triple Board Certified Psychiatrist Dr. Rafat W. Girjis says that silent walking is exactly like meditation. Actually, when the outside sounds go into the mind, then the stress increases. In this situation, silent walking relieves stress and makes the mind happy.
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