Sanatan Dharma: Is ‘Bharat’ the product of Sanatan, know what is there in ancient texts and Vedas and Puranas regarding the word Bharat

Sanatan Dharma, Bharat Name History: Presently the country is known by popular names like Bharat, Hindustan and India. But there is a deep history attached to the naming of our country. The country has had many names in the past, such as Himvarsha, Ajnabhavarsha, Hind, Aryavarta, Jambudweep, Bharatvarsha, Bharatkhand etc. India has also been known by many names.

But these days there is a controversy regarding the name of the country. At present, this dispute is raging only on two names, in which Bharat and India are included. Some people must be thinking that, after all the name is a name, what kind of debate is there on this. But let us tell you that, the debate about the name of India is intense, its strings are connected to the Vedas and Puranas. It is also mentioned in mythological scriptures, Vedas and Puranas. Know about it in detail.

Is ‘Bharat’ ?

On the basis of the facts of Veda-Puranas, it can be said that along with Hinduism, ‘India’ The word is the product of Sanatan. Apart from Bharat, be it India or before Bharat, be it Jambudveer, Aryavarta, Himvarsha or Bharatvarsha etc. But the name of India has its own religious history.  

The name of India is related to the Vedas and Puranas

Many stories are prevalent regarding the name Bharat, which is mentioned in the Puranas. Know the religious significance and history of the name Bharat according to the Vedas and Puranas.

Vishnu Puranas of other sections of < According to strong>third chapter first verse < /p>

Uttaram Yat Samudrasya Himadreshchaiva Dakshinam.
Varshan Tad Bharat Naam Bharti Yatra Santatih strong> ..

Meaning- The country which is to the north of the ocean and to the south of the Himalayas is called India and the people living in this land are the children of this country.

Vishnu Puranas of other sections of < strong>Third Chapter of 24th Shloka According to

Gayanti Deva: Kill Geetakani, < strong>Dhanyastu Te BharatbhumiBhaage.
Swargapavargasdhakamargbhute Bhavanti Bhuya strong>: Purusha Suratvat

Meaning- Gods always sing this song that, those who took birth in India, situated between heaven and heaven, those humans are more blessed than we gods.

Mahabharata of Adiparva in another chapter < According to strong>‘s Shlok 96

Shakuntalayan Dushyantad Bharatashchapi Jajivan
Yasya Lokeshu< /strong> Namnedam Prathitam Bharatam Kulam

Meaning- This Bharat dynasty became famous in the world by the name of Bharat, the son of King Dushyant and Shakuntala.  The ancient love story of Dushyant and Shakunlata is very popular. The country got its name Bharat after the name of Bharat, the son of King Dushyant and Shakuntala.

Chapter 4 of >Bhagavata Purana < /strong>

Yeshan Khalu Mahayogi Bharto Eldest: < strong>Shreshthaguna
Aasid Yenedam Varsham Bharatmiti Vyapadishanti

Means that- Lord Rishabh had received 100 sons in his workplace Ajnabhavarsh, in which he gave his kingdom to his eldest son Mahayogi Bharat. It is said that the country was named Bharatvarsh by his name.

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