Rabri Jalebi Benefits: Eat Jalebi with Rabri before sunrise, these problems related to the brain will go away

Benefits Of Eating Rabri Jalebi: If you are fond of eating sweets, then you must have eaten Jalebi along with Rabri. This dish soaked in sugar syrup and sweetness melts the whole mouth. Rabri Jalebi stalls are often crowded in marriages and parties. And, those who have severe headache or migraine often get this advice that they should wake up in the morning and eat rabri and jalebi on an empty stomach. What do you think, is this just a home remedy or trick. Or is it really effective. You can understand this from Ayurveda.

Why is Rabri Jalebi beneficial?

It is believed in Ayurveda that the cause of migraine is due to Vata dosha. Together with Rabri, Jalebi becomes expectorant. Due to which the Vata dosha is reduced or in the language of Ayurveda, it is cured. If the vata dosha is reduced then there is automatically relief from problems like migraine.

These are also advantages

Reason for Vata dosha  Not only migraine, there can be many other problems as well. Apart from migraine, there are some other neurological disorders behind which Vata dosha can be there. The problem in which the nervous system is connected can also be caused by vata dosha. Apart from headache, it also includes Alzheimer’s, Bell’s palsy, head injury, headache due to high tension and stroke. Rabdi and Jalegi Kai can be used to give relief in all these.

When should Rabri and Jalebi be eaten?

In Ayurveda, morning time is considered as Vata Kaal. The time when Vata increases rapidly, especially after the stomach is empty. The combination of Rabri and Jalebi pacifies this vata. That’s why the right time to eat Rabri and Jalebi is considered before sunrise. Consuming Rabri Jalebi continuously before sunrise for two to three weeks provides relief in vata dosha.
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