Paryushan Parv 2023: Paryushan Parv starts from today, know what to do and what not to do for 10 days

Paryushan Parv 2023: Paryushan Parv of people of Digambar Jain religion has started from 19 September 2023. This festival of soul purification lasts for ten days. During this period, penance and sacrifice is done to stay away from jealousy, discord, dispute and ego. This year the Paryushan festival will end on Kshamavani on 29 September 2023.

There are different beliefs to celebrate Paryushan festival in Jainism. In the Digambara tradition these ‘10 traits’ It is celebrated as a festival. Let us know the importance and rules of Paryushan festival

10 Characteristics of Jainism (Paryushan Parv Significance)

The best forgiveness religion, the best Mardava religion, the best Ajarva religion, the best cleanliness religion, the best truth religion, the best restraint religion, the best penance religion, the best renunciation religion, the best Akinchan religion, the best celibacy religion.

How is Paryushan festival celebrated? (Paryushan Parv Niyam)

  • Jain followers worship their deity Mahavir Swami during Paryushan festival. Read religious texts.
  • Followers of Jainism observe fast during Paryushan festival. Those fasting do not eat food after sunset in the evening.
  • For 10 days, such food is eaten which can keep the mind and body under control.
  • By donating during the period of Paryushan festival. The path to salvation becomes accessible.
  • The purpose of Paryushan festival is to purify the self. In such a situation, the teachings given by Mahavir Swami are followed. In which non-violence means not causing pain or suffering to anyone, walking on the path of truth, not stealing, and following celibacy. These are the 5 basic principles of Jainism.
  • This festival inspires to follow the path of live and let live. The last day of Paryushan festival is called Kshamavani. On this day, followers of Jainism apologize to everyone for the mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly.

Paryushan Parv 2023 Wishes: Paryushan Parv is a great festival of penance, sacrifice and forgiveness, send these greetings to congratulate your loved ones."text-align: justify;">Disclaimer: The information provided here is based only on assumptions and information. It is important to mention here that Does not endorse or confirm any information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the concerned expert.

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