Numbness of these five parts of the body gives a sign of heart attack, do not ignore even by mistake

Heart Attack Symptoms: Do you also feel tingling in some parts of the body or the body parts become completely numb and cold for some time, then it may be heart attack. Attack signal. We are not saying this just like that, but it has also been proved in research that numbness in some parts of the body means tingling is a sign of heart attack and we should not ignore it at all. Let us tell you those 5 parts of the body whose numbness indicates a heart attack.
Numbness in left shoulder 
Before the heart attack, the left shoulder starts getting numb. Not only this, mild or severe pain in the shoulder is also seen, we should not ignore this sign.
Numbness in left arm 
Not only the shoulder, the initial symptoms of heart attack also include numbness of the left hand. Many times there is a problem in working due to tingling in the hand and this problem can persist for a long time.
Numbness of left jaw 
Early symptoms of heart attack include numbness of the jaw. Especially if tingling occurs in the jaw on the left side, then you should be alert.
Numb in neck
It is usually seen that the neck becomes numb due to sleeping or bad posture, but if the tingling in the left side of the neck is intermittent or persists for a long time, then it can be a sign of heart attack.< /div>

Numbness of the back
Early symptoms of heart attack also include numbness of the back. There may be a tingling sensation or numbness in the upper back.
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