Not only calcium, this vitamin is also very important for strong bones, start taking its power dose from today itself.

Importance Of Vitamin D: Bones help in maintaining the structure of our body. Bones are basically made up of two things, collagen and calcium, so it is said that we should consume plenty of calcium so that we can keep our bones strong. But do you know that not only calcium but also a vitamin is very important for making bones strong. So let us tell you about this vitamin today and how you can include it in your diet.
Vitamin D is essential for bones 
It has been proved in research that along with calcium, vitamin D is also very important for making bones strong. Due to its deficiency, the amount of calcium in the body also starts decreasing, so you should consume sufficient amount of vitamin D so that you can avoid the problem of weak bones in old age. Due to deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, the chances of fracture are very high. Not only this, if there is a deficiency of vitamin D in older people, it can also lead to serious problems like osteoporosis.
How to consume Vitamin D 
Vitamin D is basically found in the rays of the sun, but most people have a question whether vitamin D is also found in food items? So let us tell you that you can take mushroom, egg, milk and fatty fish as a supplement of vitamin D, because Vitamin D is found in plenty in it. Apart from this, taking sunlight for 15 minutes in the morning can also fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D.
Apart from calcium and vitamin D, protein is also important
Experts believe that apart from vitamin D and calcium, it is very important to consume protein to strengthen bones, because protein makes bones strong and works against bone deficiency. You can consume dairy products, fish, chicken, beans, whole grains, nuts and vegetables to meet protein deficiency.
Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.
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