Not money, power or exercise, these things are necessary for a happy life and longevity – study

Relationship : What people do not do for a long and happy life. This world looks very beautiful if you are happy from inside, but if the mind is not happy then this life becomes a burden. Today most of the people believe that money, career, good health are needed for a happy life but the results of a research that lasted for 85 years says something else.  In this research of Harvard researchers, it has been found that for a long life and a happy life (Happy Life Tips), money is not needed, but something else is needed. 
What is this research related to life
Harvard researchers started a research in 1938 in which they wanted to know what is the thing that is enough to make our life happy. After doing a complete study on the health records of 724 people from all over the world, they were asked many questions related to life at an interval of two years. After which the complete result came out.
This thing is important for longevity
In this research that lasted for about 85 years, researchers found that the secret of a happy life is not career, growth, achievement, money, healthy diet, but Positive Relationships… It not only gives happiness to the person, but also his It also prolongs life. That’s why social relation is very important for a happy life.  
The better the relationship, the better the health
Let us tell you that in many earlier researches, it has been found that after a breakup, there is a feeling of physical pain. This means relationships affect physically. We all feel that if a relationship has been established with a person, then it will always continue in the same way. But for the relationship to remain in our life like a support system, it should be worked on continuously. Because the better our relationship is with someone, the better is our health.
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