No one to care? Hug yourself like this… you will get benefit in this way

Benefits Of Self Hugging: A person is full of emotions, he needs the company of his loved ones in happiness or excitement. So that he can share his happiness, troubles and excitement with the person in front, there should be someone whom he can hug and tell all his words. This thing has also been proved in the research that if you take a hug of magic, then you really get benefited. Able to relieve stress. Your mood is good. There is less feeling of loneliness.

But what if there is no one near you, your partner, then how to fulfill this need. The answer to this is very simple. You yourself play the biggest role in your well-being… If you are alone.. not happy, feeling lonely.. then you try to hug yourself (Self Hugging) . It might sound a bit strange, but by doing this you can get many benefits. Self Hugging (Self Hugging) has many benefits. This is a very unique way of giving love to yourself. Let us know what are the benefits of self hugging.

What are the benefits of self hugging

1.Hugging yourself makes you feel your own strength. Why wait for someone to make you feel better when you can comfort yourself. A 2011 study found that hugging can help reduce pain. In this study, researchers used a laser to give a needle prick sensation to 20 people. When these people held themselves by crossing their arms like hugging someone, they felt less pain. Scientists believe that when there is pain anywhere, you cross your arms, then your brain gets confused as to where the pain is. This gives you relief from pain.

2.When you are in trouble or under stress, then you feel very good if someone who is close to you supports you. When a caring partner hugs you, you feel at ease and less lonely. In a similar way, hugging yourself can also create a sense of comfort and security. So whenever you are upset and cannot hug someone, you can try this option

3.Someday you get very tired or sad because of work, then in such a situation you should hug yourself. This can make you feel relaxed, as it lowers the level of the hormone cortisol in your body.

4.Researchers believe that hugging and caressing oneself increases the feeling of love and affection for oneself. You accept yourself the way you are. It becomes easy to calm yourself even after making mistakes. You start loving yourself

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