‘Mystery virus’ found in Hyderabad, such symptoms are seen in the patient…

A mystery virus has created panic in Hyderabad. Its initial symptoms are similar to those of ‘swine flu’, ‘adenovirus’ and ‘influenza’. And it attacks the respiratory tract of the victim. But actually which virus it is, it has not been identified. This virus is spreading rapidly across the state. It is affecting the health of children to adults. According to experts, the recovery rate from this mystery virus is 100 per cent and there is nothing to worry about as of now.

Moreover, patients are recovering in 4-5 days. According to recent official data on ILI-SARI (influenza-like illness-severe acute respiratory illness), H3N2 infection is responsible for 50 percent of respiratory infections. Whereas till May 7, a significant increase was seen in Kovid-19 cases. No cases of the highly contagious virus had been reported in the past few weeks till the week ending August 27.

Symptoms of this mystery virus

sore throat

runny nose


body pain

dry cough

breathing problems

According to experts, 1-2 percent of these patients have faced a lot of difficulty in breathing. Doctors said that the symptoms can spread to the lower respiratory tract affecting the upper respiratory tract. False positive results have also occurred for influenza A and B, swine flu-H1N1, dengue and avian flu-H3N2. Furthermore, the mysterious virus has structural similarities to other virus phyla.

Prevention against the mystery virus

cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing

use N95 mask

maintain social distance

vaccination against influenza


immediate isolation

Treatment for the mysterious respiratory virus

Experts said doctors are doing symptomatic treatment and getting positive response. Doctors are treating people with respiratory failure with oseltamivir, an anti-viral drug. Patients are also advised to keep themselves hydrated and self-isolate after complete recovery.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.

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