Maternal Mortality: Here the maternal mortality rate is at its peak… a woman dying every two minutes

Maternal Mortality Rate: The responsibility of taking care of women’s health is the effort of every government. The central and state governments try to ensure that women do not suffer. If there are pregnant ladies, special care is taken. Apart from India, other countries of the world are also concerned about the maternal mortality rate. Terrible figures have come to the fore regarding the maternal mortality rate in America. Recently, a report has come out regarding this death rate in America. It is important for everyone to know this. 

Most deaths in the year 2021

According to media reports, a recent report of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come out. It has been revealed that in the year 2021, the highest number of maternal deaths occurred in America. It has been told in the report that the death rate of Black women is twice that of White women. 

Here is the figure

The National Center for Health Statistics has told in the data that America A total of 1,205 women died in the year 2021 during pregnancy or after giving birth. This figure was 861 in the year 2020 and 754 in 2019. The US maternal mortality rate is the highest among high-income countries. This number was the highest recorded in the year 2021 since the mid-1960s. White House officials say this is a fact and must be accepted. It is like a crisis in the country. 

One woman dies every two minutes 

UN recently said in a statement that during pregnancy or delivery Every two minutes a woman is dying due to complications arising from postpartum. This is a big crisis. The figures of America are also worrying. The death rate of black women in America also remains a matter of concern. 

This is the situation in India

Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in India per 100,000 mothers Deaths that occur are measured as maternal mortality. It is 97 at the national level in India, while it is 197 in Assam, 19 in Kerala, 167 in Uttar Pradesh, 173 in Madhya Pradesh and 118 in Bihar. The central government is trying to bring it down to 70. 

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