Kids Care Tips: Does your child also remain lost, irritability has increased, so be careful in time or else ..

Kids Care Tips: Since the lockdown, a different type of disease is being seen in children. According to the children’s doctor, due to the increase in online education in the lockdown, the ability to read and write in children has decreased  And they are quick to forget things. This is the reason why they are becoming stubborn. According to psychiatry, children are connected to the screen during online education and now this is becoming their world. The effect of which is clearly visible on their physical and mental development. Some schools are running online classes even during the holidays, due to which children are facing this problem.

Increasing stubbornness, irritability in children

Due to spending more time on the screen, children are becoming stubborn and irritable on every issue. Due to online education, the ability to read and write in some children has also reduced significantly  Is. Good children have also become weak in studies, such cases are also being seen. When offline classes used to run, then the children used to sit in the class being serious and ask the questions of their mind to the teachers. This is the reason why offline education is better for the development of children.

Parents should understand these signs in children

According to a report, many such cases are being seen in almost every major hospital. Parents are taking such problems of their children to the doctor. The age of such children is from 5 to 13 years. According to health experts, if your child is also spending more time on the screen. Remains silent and stubbornness-irritation is being seen in his nature, then this symptom should be taken seriously. In such a situation, the child’s mind is not even in reading and writing.

What parents should do

Give maximum time to children and listen to them.
Get information about him by talking to his friends.
Keep a tab on what your child is watching on mobile and for how long.
Take care of the child’s behavior. If there is a problem, do counseling.
Do not fulfill every demand, every stubbornness of the child. Consult a doctor.
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