Kartik Purnima 2023: When is Kartik Purnima 26 or 27 November? Note the exact date and puja time

When is Kartik Purnima 2023: Padma, Skanda, Brahma Puranas Kartik Purnima is considered very important. It is believed that on the day of Kartik Purnima, Shri Hari Vishnu resides in water in Matsya avatar. In such a situation, those who take bath in the Ganga on this day get the properties similar to nectar.

On this day, bathing, Satyavrata, worship of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and charity have special significance. Although Dev celebrates Diwali on Kartik Purnima, but this time due to difference in calendar both the festivals will be celebrated on different days. Let us know the exact date, bathing-donation time and importance of Dev Diwali and Kartik Purnima.

When will Kartik Purnima be 26 or 27 November 2023? (Kartik Purnima 26 or 27 November 2023)

According to the calendar, Kartik Purnima will start at 03.53 pm on 26 November 2023 and will end at 02.45 pm the next day on 27 November 2023 It will end on the minute.

According to Udayatithi, Kartik Purnima will be celebrated on 27 November 2023. On this day, it would be best to worship Lord Satyanarayan, take bath in Kartik Ganga and donate.

Dev When is Diwali 2023? (Dev Diwali 2023 Date)
Dev Diwali is celebrated. According to Hindu religion, on this day the gods come to earth and devotees donate lamps in the evening for them. Lakshmi Puja will also be performed on this night and Arghya will be offered to the moon.

Kartik Purnima 2023 Muhurat (Kartik Purnima 2023 Muhurat)

  • Purnima Snan – 05.05 am – 05.58 am
  • Satyanarayan Vrat Puja – 09.30 am – 10.49 am
  • Pradosh Kaal (Deepdan) – 05.24 pm – 07.05 pm
  • < li>Moon Puja – 04.29 pm

  • Lakshmi Puja – 26 November, 11.41 pm – 27 November 2023, 12.35 am

Kartik Purnima bath significance (Kartik Purnima snan Significance)

According to religious belief, taking a bath in river Ganga on Kartik Purnima gives the same results as taking bath in Ganga 1000 times. The sins of a person’s births are washed away and he becomes healthy. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi becomes very happy by donating food, money, clothes and warm clothes on the banks of Ganga.

Why do Gods celebrate Diwali?

Dev Diwali symbolizes the victory of religion over unrighteousness. According to the belief, on the date of Kartik Purnima, Lord Shiva had killed the demon named Tripurasura, pleased with his killing, all the gods and goddesses reached the city of Kashi. There, after bathing in the Ganga, lamps were lit and Lord Shankar was worshipped.

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