Kamika Ekadashi 2023: The date of Kamika Ekadashi will start from today, know when the fast will be observed

Sawan, Kamika Ekadashi 2023: The first Ekadashi of Sawan i.e. Kamika Ekadashi is on 13 July 2023. The Ekadashi that falls in Sawan is considered very special because on this day there is a ritual of worshiping Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the world, and Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the universe.

It is believed that on Kamika Ekadashi, worshiping these two deities on the same day can eliminate all kinds of defects. The date of Kamika Ekadashi will start from 12th July. Let’s know the auspicious time of Kamika Ekadashi fast, what to do and what not to do when Ekadashi date starts.

Benefits of Kamika Ekadashi Fast

By fasting on Kamika Ekadashi, ancestors, snakes, 33 crore deities are worshipped. God himself has said about this fast that people get more benefits from fasting on Kamika Ekadashi than what humans get from spiritual knowledge. Due to the glory of this fast, man does not have to suffer the pain of hell.

Kamika Ekadashi 2023 Muhurat

Sawan Krishna Kamika Ekadashi date starts – July 12, 2023, 05.59 pm

Sawan Krishna Kamika Ekadashi date ends – July 13, 2023, 06.24 pm

Kamika Ekadashi Vrat Paran – 05.32 am – 08.18 am (14 July 2023)

Kamika Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi

  • Ekadashi fasting is beneficial but it is equally difficult. This year, the date of Kamika Ekadashi is starting from 12 July 2023 i.e. from today evening. The rules of Ekadashi fast should be followed from Dashami Tithi only, only then one gets the results. Should not be consumed.
  • From Dashami to Dwadashi Tithi, fasting should follow celibacy. Do not sleep in the afternoon on the day of fasting. Also remember Lord Vishnu by staying awake on the night of Ekadashi fast.

Do not do this work during Kamika Ekadashi fast (Kamika Ekadashi Vrat Rules)

  • Don’t pluck leaves from any tree even by mistake on the day of Ekadashi fast.
  • Food given by someone should not be eaten on Ekadashi day.
  • On this day sweep the house. Keep in mind that no creature or insect should be hurt during this time. 
  • Cutting hair and nails is prohibited on Ekadashi, and hair should also not be washed.

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